New ’Straya-Wide Booze Labels Show How Many Calories You’re Slurping Down

Drinking alcohol can be fun, drinking alcohol can be not fun.
Not fun:
There’s a fine line between getting a lil’ buzz from your tipple and going full blotto. Thankfully, one yuge alcohol conglomerate has caught wind of this, and have now adjusted their labels to let consumers know what’s in their piss.
Alcohol company Diageo (producers of Bundy Rum, Smirnoff, Baileys (umm yum), Johnnie Walker to name but a few) is introducing icon-led information panels on their dranks under their DRINKiQ imitative. They’ll tell you alcohol content and nutritional information per typical serve. It’ll be lookin’ like this:
It’s brilliant because now, when you’re having lil sip sips of your Baileys Irish Cream, you’ll know just how many cals you’ll wanna burn off the next day to restore balance.
“More and more people are becoming conscious about what they’re consuming and wanting to make the right choices around alcohol. While we are seeing trends in consumers wanting to lead a more balanced lifestyle we know that people also want to be armed with the right information when it comes to alcohol consumption,” Diageo wrote in a statement.
Bundaberg Rum will be the first brand to cop the changes, with the rest of the portfolio to follow suit.
Whether or not this will lead to the youth of ‘Straya deciding to go for the regular Guava Cruisers instead of the Double Blacks is unclear; but any education about what we’re consuming is A+.
Photo: The World’s End.