How To Navigate A New Job, De-Stress & Shine Like The Future CEO You Are

new job

So you’ve just landed yourself a new job… First of all, congrats, friend! Your CV is obviously dripping in jewels, you killed your interview, and you’re ready to start working. You’re going to slay, obviously.

Starting a new job is always a little tricky, though, as each workplace has different unspoken rules, schedules and expectations. In fact, walking into a new situation is intimidating as hell for anyone, especially when you don’t know anyone and you feel a tad alone.

Don’t worry, pals, we have your back. Below are some tips to make that transition period a little less stressful.


New jobs are hard. When trying to get accustomed to a new environment, we often use up a lot of stress and nervous energy without even knowing. Because of this, it’s time to cut yourself some slack and remember to check in with how you’re feeling. When you’re in your new job, it can also be easy to unconsciously prioritise other tasks over your breathing. Sounds obvious but, without trying to sound preachy, reminding yourself to breathe can be a surefire way of helping to you relax. Regular breathing patterns equal better focus and the avoidance of those annoying, light-headed scenarios. Us anxious gals can relate.


There’s a lot to learn at the start of a new job, and the thought of having to learn every minute, intricate detail can be enough to send us into a downward spiral. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – and then more. The more in-control we become, the less out-of-place we’ll feel.

Plus, people respect those who ask questions and get it right, as opposed to not asking questions and getting it wrong. Just sayin’.


Every new job means a mixed bag of new co-workers – some of which will instantly welcome you in and dutifully take you under their wing, while others will give you the cold shoulder. Either way, it always feels a tad overwhelming trying to learn everyone’s names off the bat.

So, try and learn a new co-worker’s name each day. Learn about Susan’s dog on Monday, chat to Jack about his newfound gluten-free diet on Tuesday. Establishing a camaraderie with your co-workers, one-by-one, will help you slowly familiarise yourself with the new workplace at a pace that doesn’t seem too daunting. After all, the less-strange faces there are in the office or workplace, the more secure you’ll feel when strolling into work each morning.


A problem shared is a problem halved. Yes, this may be an ultra-cheesy cliché, but it’s also super relevant and an important message that we should continually be reminding ourselves of. At the end of each new work day, it’s beneficial to have a chat with someone who knows you well. Whether it be a close mate, your Mum, your cat or that friendly bus driver on the way home, there’s nothing more therapeutic than being able to share your experiences – both good and bad – with that person who just gets you. What are you nervous about? What grinds your gears? Are you feeling comfortable? Your concerns won’t sound as pressing once you talk about them.


We all initially feel like the new kid on the block, or at the bottom of the food chain, but these new-kid nerves won’t last forever. You’ll climb up the ranks in no time, especially as you gain more confidence – slowly but surely.

It goes without saying, but you were hired for a reason, and are an obvious asset to the team, so show them who the real boss is, my fellow guys, gals and non-binary friends.

If you’re looking for more advice about feeling comfortable in a new environment, headspace might be able to help.