Keen to learn about manifesting from our lord & saviour Flex Mami herself? She’s deep diving the concept at Selfish Saturday, Feb 22 in Melbs. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Get your tix here.

The term manifesting has been thrown around heaps of late, and goddamn it sounds great. It sounds really, really great. In my mind, manifesting was the guarantee that I could get anything I wanted if I… used my mind to make it happen?

Yeah, I figured out this month that I really have NFI what manifesting actually is. I knew it involved your mind, and believing in yourself… but that’s a really murky concept with no guidelines.

So I did a bit of research. This is primarily because Flex Mami, Aussie get-shit-done lord and manifesting queen, is speaking about it at our Selfish Saturday event in February (didn’t get tix yet? Head here friends) and I felt like a lot of people might be like me, not knowing exactly what the term manifesting meant.

1. It’s About Focusing

Flex herself says she finds it hard to drill down what manifesting is into a bite-sized explainer. But she says a big part of it is channelling your focus.

“[Manifesting is] encouraging you to focus on the things you can actually change, instead of prioritising things that are out of your control.”

Basically we spend a lot of time obsessing over stuff we CAN’T control – what others do around us, things that happen to us, and so on. Manifesting is about focusing in on what we CAN control. Need a skill to land that promotion? Learn it. Want to get fit? Sort out a fitness routine.

2. It’s About Goal-Setting

Goals are key to manifesting, because without them you can’t have a focus. A lot of what manifesting is about is working slowly towards a set goal, making changes and putting in processes so you can effectively get there.

Maybe you want to save $10k. Buy an apartment. Be happy in a relationship. All good things – but without labelling them as goals in this busy life, you’ll find yourself off-track by March, mates.

“[Manifesting] inherently forces you to think about how you inhibit your goals and takes the emphasis off the external barriers.”

One way I inhibit my goals for example is by writing it down, then promptly forgetting about it. It’s easy to do – life is fucking busy. Shit gets in the way. So one thing I’m trialling this year is writing my goals onto some paper that’s stuck to my mirror.

3. You Can’t Just Get Anything You Want

One major thing about manifesting is that it’s not about getting whatever you want, just because you ~asked the universe for it~.

“There are too many people selling manifesting to people as the Atheist’s answer to prayer: ask (the universe, not God, duh) and you shall receive (because of course). Unfortunately that’s not only ineffective but damaging rhetoric,” Flex told us.

You have to work for your shit still. And forget about just asking the universe to hand you that hot guy for 2020 as your boyfriend. Yes, you can “go for it” by building that relationship and, hell, if the timing is right asking him out directly. But manifesting is more about what you CAN control (see point 1) not about asking the universe for stuff that relies heavily on other people.

Wanna hear more from Flex? She’s at our self-care event Selfish Saturday in Melbourne on February 22. Get your tickets here.