How To Make Your Rental Home Feel Warmer If You Never Bought That Heater

We tend to put things off in this life – getting a pap smear (once every two years, y’all), changing a lightbulb, replacing hole-ridden Calvins – you get my point.

That being said, you’ve probably gotten through winter without having bought legit heating facilities. I get it. There’s something strong and powerful about not buying into (literally) an electricity-sucking device.

So much power to you for surviving this far. It’s truly remarkable, so why would you want to give in now? Let’s make sure this last month of winter is bearable for you with below’s loopholes.

Close windows and doors

Obviously your windows and doors need to be shut the hell up. However, indoor doors need to be treated with the same discipline. The less room there is for air to circulate, the warmer it will be. There’s a reason you get so hot and bothered in a fitting room, and it’s not because of your reflection.

Buy / make a door snake

Even with all the doors and windows shut tight, cold air still makes its way into our lives like a playa into our DMs. Either shell out a few bucks on a cheapo door snake to block the air out or like, make your own with rolled up towels, clothes and whatnot.

Light candles

If you’ve got a fireplace then duh, use it. If you don’t, candles can actually spread warmth throughout your room and household. But pls, for the love of god, remember to blow them out. That’s one thing you really can not, by any means, put off to a later date.

Use your oven more regularly

Hit two birds with one stone by cranking that oven as much as possible with roast chickens, potato bake, what have you. Sure, it’s tempting to UberEats the hell out of winter, but you’ll save money, be warm and feel fulfilled this way. Besides, it’s pretty much just dinner then bed in the colder months, no?

Find someone to keep you warm

Body warmth works a freakin’ treat. Get yourself on Tinder. You know the rest.

Create a bed canopy

Pitch a tent. No not that kind. (No, not that kind either.) If you’ve got some spare fabrics hanging around, create a canopy for your bed. Those things aren’t just for lookin’ pretty – they keep body warmth in. Can’t be effed doing that? Pull the blanket over your head and learn to love it.

Let as much sun in as possible

Without opening doors and windows, you need to let that sun stream on in. Even if you don’t get home until night time there’s a high chance that the sun would’ve worked its magic during the day. So basically, open your curtains and remove any plants of whatnot that are obstructing the rays.

Lay down some rugs

Rugs and carpets really do work wonders because once your feet are cold you’re kinda screwed. Trust me, I have tiles in my kitchen and it’s bloody Antartica in there.

Turn all the lights on

Incandescent lights release up to 95% of their energy as heat rather than light, which just warms my heart. Literally.

Buy a truly hideous dressing gown

You know the ones. They are very, very warm. I’m sure I’ve turned some placid just by wearing one but that’s OK, because my priorities are in order.

Layer the heck up

You know how you have more bed shirts than actual, wear-out-in-public shirts? This is a great chance to justify their place in your wardrobe because I know you don’t wanna part with that dank Hanson tee from ’97.

I never did.

*Panadol contains paracetamol. Use only as directed. For the temporary relief of pain and fever. Incorrect use could be harmful. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.