MADE WITH LOVE: QLD Grower Nurtures His Melons “Just Like Kids”

While food grown with love doesn’t necessarily taste better- we’d really prefer it. Or does it taste better? We don’t know, tbh. But we don’t want to take the damn risk. 
It’s a good thing, then, that folks like Queenslandian watermelon grower Anthony Rehbein are around. Anthony says he nurtures his melons “just like kids” to ensure he gets the sweetest fruit.
D’awwww. Our hearts cannot even with this unbearable cuteness. 
In an interview with the ABC, he says: “Everyday since I planted them, I talk to them, sing to them, look at them, touch them, make sure there’s no stress…”
And yet, despite his paternal love, up to a quarter of Anthony’s precious watermelon’s are being cast off and “left in the ground”, not because of any major crop issue infestation, but because they contain seeds. Yes. S E E D S. Apparently, us Aussies really hate seeds. 
“In the retail world, people want seedless oranges, seedless mandarins, seedless grapes and seedless watermelons… I gotta say, they (seeded) are the best melons and the people who work for me would prefer to eat a seeded watermelon,” he explains.
And if you’re in the market for for a ripe, juicy melon or two this season, here’s his tip for picking the ripest, juiciest melon in all the land: ‘the love tap’

Want to know how to pick the best watermelon for your summer picnic? Farmer Anthony shares the secret of the watermelon “love tap”. Tomorrow is melon madness Monday on ABC Wide Bay.

Posted by ABC Wide Bay on Saturday, November 28, 2015

Source: ABC.