Whatever your unsolicited opinions of Lena Dunham are, the woman is nothing if not honest. Particularly with her thoughts on body image and fitness, which are all of our thoughts on body image and fitness.

Lena Dunham Annotates ‘Dieting’ Chapter In Her Memoir With New Feels

You can read some of these modern gal truths on her website, where Lena has revisited an existing chapter from her best-selling memoir Not That Kind Of Girl re: her questionable dieting history, and written annotations to update us with her current feels about that part of her life. 

ICYMI, Lena kept a food diary back in 2010 in an attempt to eat less calories and shed some weight. Based on the title of the chapter: ‘Diet’ Is A Four Letter Word: How To Remain 10 Lbs. Overweight Eating Only Health Food, this fitness goal isn’t exactly achieved, but that’s fine because 2015 Lena says she dgaf.

Lena Dunham Annotates ‘Dieting’ Chapter In Her Memoir With New Feels

Here’s the reader’s digest version of her updated commentary. ~Enjoy~

On her yo-yo dieting days:

“The struggle never ends. I am like “Lena, be good to your body.” Moments later: “FUCK MY BODY MY BODY IS AN EXTENSION OF THE POLICE STATE. I AM GONNA EAT WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT I WANNA BE A BIG FAT RAGE BALL!”

On going gluten-free:

“I have since experimented with being gluten free a bunch and it actually does make me feel better and have fewer stomach aches…”

On gym memberships:

“I did that thing where you buy a package of ten classes and then only take two or three. I am still ashamed of the wasted $$$” 

On her stint drinking coffee:

“I was new to coffee and have since returned to tea. Coffee makes me feel like I’m trapped at a rave and not in a positive way”

On *that* time she snorted cocaine and wrote about it in her food diary :

“I have “done cocaine” three times. What a revolting drug. I never really properly ingested it, I don’t think, but I am ashamed it went anywhere near my nostrils, and even more ashamed that the reason was to impress a guy who probably couldn’t tell you my eye color.”

And finally, her current feelings about weight and body image:

“People sometimes ask if I’m still as mental about food and the answer is no. A lot has changed in the last five years and I’ve learned an incredible amount about what I need to be healthy and happy. I work hard and I don’t have time to put my body through this kind of shit, and I also don’t have the mental space. 

I also think the dialogue around health and body positivity is changing in a really great way, even when it doesn’t exactly feel like it based on internet comments. Lastly, I want to thank my boyfriend for being a cool feminist who doesn’t subscribe to any commercial notions of what a woman should be. A loving partner isn’t what makes us love ourselves, but it sure can help us stay on the right path. Also, he once guessed my weight as 105 pounds. Bless his heart.”

Lena Dunham Annotates ‘Dieting’ Chapter In Her Memoir With New Feels

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