Most people would be PISSED if they got hit with the flu ahead of a big event. But most people aren’t Kim Kardashian.

The 36-year-old took to the blue bird on Wednesday to thank influenza for her rapid weight loss, all in time for this year’s Met Gala on May 1. (You might’ve heard of it – it’s only one of the most photographed, fashion-forward, la-di-da events of the year.)

Photo: Twitter.

Kim has without a doubt said and done some silly stuff in her time – like when she ugly cried over, well, pretty much anything in seasons 1-10 of that show her family’s on – but this one really takes the cake. The tweet has since been deleted (either by Kim or Twitter), but not before the Twitternalities could put their two cents in.

Friendly reminder: the flu is fucked and attacks the lungs, nose and throat. Healthy eating and exercise, however, doesn’t require several sickies and has a much better sustainability rate. 

But hey, you do you, Kim. Let’s not have a repeat of your Met Gala 2013 efforts though – we’d hate to see you put all that er, hard work to waste.

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/ Getty.