Kate Upton Credits Her Rig To Weights Training, Can Deadlift 90kg No Worries

They say three’s a charm and one woman who surely agrees with that is the glorious Kate Upton.
The 24-year-old American model has landed on the cover of the 2017 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue – it’s her third, which no mean feat considering the record-holder, our very own Elle Macpherson, sits on five (go ‘Straya).
How does one achieve this? Apart from being naturally blessed in the mammary department, Upton follows a dedicated fitness routine that ensures she’s in her best shape. 
As well as regularly posting her workouts to Insta, Upton chatted to People mag about how she best likes to sweat.
She works out five (or sometimes six) times a week for an hour each time with her trainer Ben Bruno. Bruno says “she’s insanely strong” and even goes as far as to say she’s “stronger than a lot of athletes [he helps] train!”

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What does a typical workout look like for her?
Like any seasoned vet, Upton knows the importance of warming up. She starts with some lateral band walks and lunges, and sometimes throws in foam rolling and stretching.
This is followed by circuit-based strength training. She does a series of three or four moves, and doesn’t rest in between sets. The benefit of that? It provides a good cardio workout while building strength.
One example of a circuit Upton does is weighted hip-thrusts (with 90kg weights, mind you), TRX rowssingle-leg Romanian deadlifts and body saws. The hip-thrusts in action:

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She finishes up her workouts with conditioning exercises. These can include weighted sled pushes and pulls, and rowing. She’s built up enough strength to push a sled loaded with 500 lbs (that’s a whopping 226kg).
Incorporating both push and pull movements is mega important if you train regularly. Your muscles can be divided into pushing muscles (chest and triceps, for example) and pulling muscles (back, traps and biceps); both need to be equally worked in order to gain proportionate muscle mass.
I love feeling strong, and strength training has really changed my body,” she says. 
“On the diet front, I’ve learned balance,” she continued. “For example, rather than having wine and doughnuts, you can have wine or doughnuts.”

That’s balance, folks. Balance in beautiful, all-American action.
Source: People.
Photo: Sports Illustrated.