Ya bois over at better-burger establishment Hungry Jacks have gone and done a good thing today, announcing that they’ve transitioned to serving only 100% cage-free eggs on their menu.

Hungry Jacks Make Eggcellent Decision To Scrap The Use Of All Cage Eggs


They made a pledge back in February to phase out cage eggs by the end of 2017 – but they’ve done us all a solid by eradicating the practice 16 months early. 

As the SMH reports, Hungry Jack’s chief marketing officer Scott Baird said “Cage-free eggs are something our customers continued to highlight as very important to them so we worked closely with our supply chain to ensure we could convert sustainably.”

The promise came after a damning report by the RSPCA showed that Australia was falling behind the developed world in ending the use of cruel battery cages. 

“While no layer hen housing system is perfect, battery cages simply cannot meet the welfare needs of hens, and this is inherent to the battery cage system,” said RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil.

The use of battery cages in the farming of eggs is well-known for being a gross abuse of animal rights, with scientific evidence clearly proving they prevent the poor lil’ hens from walking, flapping or stretching their wings. 

Given that the fast food giant churns through a whopping 11 million eggs annually, it’s damn fine step in the right direction.

You can now munch on HJs Brekky Muffins, Brekky Wraps and Aussie Burgers with a clean conscience, as the gooey eggstuffs that fill ’em will be Australian-sourced cage-free, barn-laid eggs.

The Australian Egg Corporation (AKA The Big Egg Overloads) have “expressed disappointment” over HJs move to stop using cage-laid eggs, suggesting that their decision “is driven by emotion and perception, not science or reality.”

They clearly haven’t seen Chicken Run. Let those sweet chickie-dees be free!

Hungry Jacks Make Eggcellent Decision To Scrap The Use Of All Cage Eggs

Source: SMH

Photo: Chicken Run.