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We popped in to the Nike Studio to bare witness to model and fitness enthusiast, Brooke Hogan, going beast-mode in a session led by Nike trainer, Phoebe Di Tomasso.

We woke up at what felt like the rather rueful time of 6:30am to head down to Melbourne‘s NikeStudio, where Brooke Hogan, model, fit as feck human and proud processor of half a mil followers on the ‘gram, was training.

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After what a session that felt a little bit like self-flagellation on the thighs, we grilled Phoebe and Brooke on how they’re gearing up for the Nike Training Club Tour, and gathered some tips they can give us regular humans to up our fitness game.

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We asked Phoebe, straight up, if Brooke was a tough cookie to crack, and it turns out her last name is a good indication of the answer. “Un-crackable!” says Phoebe. “She has literally given 110% to every training session i’ve thrown at her, from HIIT through to sprints, this chick can rock a sweat session.”

Here’s A Model And A Personal Trainer On How They Keep Up Their Motivation

Do you have any tips or tricks for people who are just starting to get into exercise?  

P: “Find a training partner/squad – and use each other as motivation to get to your training sessions, nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition either!”

Here’s A Model And A Personal Trainer On How They Keep Up Their Motivation

“Try different things. Find something you LOVE doing, then it’s never going to be a chore. There is no point in exercising if you’re hating it, and everyone is different, so find what you like – you might like the yoga/pilates side of things, or you might prefer HIIT or bootcamp style training.”  

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B: “After you get back into training after a break, you might get really sore and be put off, if you’re too exhausted. I always try to remember how good you feel immediately after a workout, because you do feel amazing, you have so much more energy and you feel so much better about your body.”

6:30am training session done with @nike trainer @phoebeditommaso ???? There are limited tickets available for the #NTCtoursyd head to nike.com to register your squad now! Sometimes it’s so hard getting out of bed to exercise but just think of how amazing you feel afterwards. Happy Thursday people ??????

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Do you think training gets easier once you’re in a routine, or is it always tough? 

P: “The motivation side of GETTING to training definitely gets easier once you’re into your routine – but that doesn’t mean the training part should! You should be constantly setting new training goals, there’s always a next level.”  

Do you ever have times when you CBF? 

Here’s A Model And A Personal Trainer On How They Keep Up Their Motivation Fellow normal-training-humans rejoice, we are not alone Here’s A Model And A Personal Trainer On How They Keep Up Their Motivation 

P: “Absolutely. For me the hardest part on those days is getting started. I know if i can get there and into the workout, i’ll be fine. 
So i figure out whats going to motivate me to get there (i.e.. “Oh yep – i can go get my favourite smoothie post-workout if i get to that session”) and then i’m sweet!”

B: “Absolutely!” she agrees with Phoebe. “I feel like everyone has those times.”

* slowly raises hand *

“I’m lucky, my boyfriend is really motivating – he goes, ‘c’mon, let’s go for a run!’ when I can’t be bothered, and constantly pumps me up. Again, I just try to think of the feeling post-exercise.”

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