Here’s A Life-Making Hack To Ripen Any Rock-Hard Avocado In 10 Mins Flat

Some things in life are better hard.
He know wat I mean
But other things absolutely are not.
Like maths. And avocado. 
We’ve all been there. You head down to the shops, eager to purchase an avo. You’re excited. You’ve already exerted much mental strain reconciling the exorbitant cost in your head. “It’s worth it,” you tell yourself. “An avocado is always worth 1/10th of my daily salary.”
But then you get there, and all of the god damned, mother fucking avocados are hard as rocks.
It’s a fresh food hell. 
But! We have found a solution, friends. It does not involve giving up.
All you need is a functioning oven, a baking sheet and a bitta tinfoil. Wrap the puppy up in the tinfoil, delicately place that precious cargo onto the baking sheet and whack it in the oven, at roughly 90 degree Celsius for ten minutes.
Once the ten minutes is up, stash it in the fridge and wait for it to cool down.
This works by ramping up the ethylene gas reaction that ripens fruits.
Oomph gimme
Alternatively, if you have a bit more time up your sleeve (like a whole day), the other trick is to put the bebe avocado in a bag with a banana or an apple. The banana will let out the aforementioned gas, creating a fruity dutch oven situation to ripen even the toughest avocado.
You bloody beauty. 

Source: Refinery29.

Photo: & Getty / Suzifoo.