Here’s 27 Aussie Foodstagrams To Stimulate Your Salivary Glands

Most of us take food photos that end up nowhere, except siting in our Camera Roll. ‘Tis a true 21st century story.
We snap them and then forget about them, but we’d never dare delete them. God forbid that one night we want to recall all the bright, colourful, juicy, sweet things we’ve put in our mouths and have absolutely nothing to show as palatable proof.
Then there are these people, who share everything and make us think maybe we should too. Maybe? (Nahhh.) *continues eating*
Here’s the best of the bunch for your viewing pleasure. Though, might we suggest not perusing them on an empty stomach; a lesson we learned while curating this lusciously delectable list. 
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(In order of above)

18. @fdprn

Cover Image via Instagram @Ieatmelbourne