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We’re all aware that yoga is a total health ~vibe~.

Seriously, during iso, I was so quick to mute anyone who boasted their sunrise flow on IG that the friction created nearly burnt a hole in my screen.

Deep down, I was jealous they were able to soak up the morning hours with good habits, rather than engaging in an hour of RSI-inducing scrolling.

Alas, whilst getting into yoga at the start may seem like an intimidating challenge, it’s so worth it.

After chatting with Victoria Alessi, the founder of  Hip Hop Yoga Brunswick, we’ve come to realise that the health benefits of yoga extend way beyond just getting a flexi bod.

It’s a seriously effective way of practicing mindfulness and giving your brain a total breather – according to Victoria, even one class can positively shift your energy.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Victoria began to stream online classes, (partnering with Medibank’s Live Better at Home program) to ensure widespread access to the health benefits of yoga whilst isolating. (You can try out a free 20-min sesh here.)

Victoria describes the experience of connecting to both yourself, others and the music during a class as “magical” – so here’s what she had to say about the holistic health benefits of the practice.

It’ll Help You Become The Embodiment Of ‘Chill’

“Mindfulness is like a muscle and in a way it needs to be exercised,” said Victoria.

It’s possible you’ve found yourself caught up in racing thoughts a little more than usual recently, yoga is an effective means to set aside time to pause, to reconnect and breathe.

Victoria noted that its ability to promote mental clarity and calmness has an almost immediate impact on class-goers – a trait we could pretty much all use during the heightened uncertainty brought on by the pandemic.

“When I compare the energetic shift of people from the time they walk into the studio before class, to the time they wake up from savasana, the differences in the state of mind, body and energy is incomparable.”

“I see this shift happen daily and is very rewarding.”

You’ll Start To Understand How Your Thought Processes Work

When caught up in the day to day, it’s pretty easy to forget to really take in what’s happening around us.

With increased yoga practice, you can yourself focusing on the present more often, through its ability to help centre attention and sharpen concentration.

“Through yoga, you learn to find more self awareness, to observe your attitude, your habits and to learn to surrender and let go of things that no longer serve you,” said Victoria.

“It gave me time to be present and to bring gratitude to my daily life,”

You’ll Become More In Tune With Your Own Energy Flow

Ever beat yourself up over a 3pm energy slump? Regular yoga practice can help us acknowledge and accept these ebbs and flows.

“Our bodies change throughout the day and it’s important that you acknowledge and honour these fluctuations through your practice and your daily life. And on these ‘off-days’, yoga teaches you to be more compassionate with yourself,” added Victoria.

“Yoga allows you to listen and be present with your body.”

On top of this, regular yoga practice is also known to increase circulation, protect ya bones from injury, and increase cardio health, which will all have you feeling your very best to conquer the remainder of 2020.

Image: Big Little Lies