Gold’s Gym Shut Down After Posting Shithouse Sexist Ad From 1967 In 2016

Sexism in advertising, would you believe it?
Worldwide fitness conglomerate and real-life Globogym, Gold’s Gym, are well known for their questionable advertising campaigns, but they’ve gone and taken the sugar-free cake with this straight belter: 
The ad was posted to the FB page of an Egyptian branch of the company. Naturally, it gained a fair bit of traction on the Book, with hundreds of outraged commenters quick to tear the misguided post a new one. It was quickly deleted.
To make matters worse, the dumb ad isn’t even original, bearing a frightening resemblance to an ad from the nineteen-friggen-sixties:

If you needed more evidence of how spectacularly the point has been missed, have a gander at the franchisee’s word-salad of an ‘apology’:
u don’t get it and it’s hard to watch 
The little glimmer of hope to come out of this sorry story is that the franchisee behind the post has copped le boot, as confirmed in a statement by Gold’s Gym:

“Upon learning of this sub-franchisee’s insensitive posts, we immediately took action by working with Facebook to have their page removed. Also, after consultation with our master franchise in Gold’s Gym Egypt, we are in the process of expediting the termination of this sub-franchisee’s agreement. This incident only confirms that Gold’s Gym Dreamland does not uphold the values and inclusiveness that Gold’s Gym promotes throughout our global network.”
Source: Huffington Post.
Photo: Gold’s Gym Egypt.