A global study is looking for a thousand keen people to take part in the world’s first “menstrubation” study. Translation: If you want to rub one out on your period for science, read on.

Womanizer, the luxury women’s sex toy label, has linked up with top menstrual cup brand, Lunette, to analyse the scientific benefits of masturbating during menstruation. Hence the name: The Menstrubation Initiative.

As part of the global experiment, Womanizer and Lunette are looking for 1,000 participants from across the world – including 100 from Australia – to take part in a three-month study. All chosen participants will receive a free Womanizer Starlet vibrator and a Lunette Menstrual Cup. All you have to be able to do is menstruate and masturbate, can’t highlight that enough.

Note: You have to be aged 18 or over to participate. If chosen, you will be asked to complete a total of five short surveys throughout the study. The surveys will be completely anonymous, however the team will need to ask you some personal questions in order to get the goodies to your door.

The point of Menstrubation comes in two parts: A) to help women better understand the wonders of masturbation and menstruation and B) to prove that orgasms are a genuinely effective way to ease period pain.

Also FYI: Most of Womanizer’s products aren’t inserted into the body, which – as you can imagine – is preferred in this situation. If you haven’t tried one of Womanizer’s products before, the brand uses Pleasure Air Technology to provide contactless suction. I didn’t even know this was a thing! But I looked at a review of one of their vibrators, and someone described it as “a sex toy so good, I almost passed out the first time I used it”. So look, they know what they’re doing.

To sign up, fill in the form right here. There are two main questions to it, both having to do with your menstrual pain. Be sure to sign up before May 15, 2020.

Image: Fleabag