Full-Time Fit People Lettuce Have A Squiz At The Contents Of Their Fridge

We’re heading into mid Feb, which is peak make-or-break season for New Years resolution-ists. You might be starting hit snooze on that early morning run alarm, or reconsidering that H.A.M boxing class. We can’t blame you – staying fit and keeping your health at A-game levels is hard as hell. That’s why PEDESTRIAN.TV has joined forces with Nike for this year’s NTC Tour, which promises to be a five-hour day of sweating to challenge your mind, soul and quads. Today, we’re serving up a sneak peek into the lives and #winning routines of Chloe Chapman and Caitlyn Paterson, who make up half of our fleeky fit squad. You can register for the NTC Tour 
HERE, and if you need a little wardrobe jujj’ before you go, you can go ahead and purchase some swoosh-ed threads HERE.

Ever wondered what that mega-babe you’re following on Insta *actually* eats for dinner? Or what on earth they listen to while squatting around Bondi?

Wonder no more, fitness-fiend friends, for we’ve had a chat with one half of Pedestrian.tv‘s very own #fitsquad, Chloe Chapman and Caitlyn Paterson, to talk fridges, fitness and what their combined 300,000+ followers wanna know.

If you missed our first postarooni introducing our sweaty gang, here’s a little refresher on the 24-year-old gals:

Say hello to Chloe Chapman
In short, Chapman is a champion-level slashie: she’s a model, designer and owner of her very own togs label, Aloe Swimwear
Aaaaand here’s Caitlyn Paterson

It’s gonna be a hats on, be outside kind of day ????????

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If we had to try and sum her up in a sentence? Caitlyn’s a full-time model and blogger, with a 291,000 strong following on the ‘gram.

We had a yarn with the gals about what their days look like on a plate, what their future goals are, and where they best like to work out.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: If we came over riiiiight now and opened your fridge like nosey, irritating and hungry guests, what would we find?
Chloe: “Eggs (free range), watermelon, strawberries, apples, salads and veggies (cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas). Cheese, Nuttelex (to substitute my butter), full cream milk. Last night’s chicken and veggie stir fry leftovers… Yum! Probiotics and chlorophyll. Ham, salami and chicken breast.” 

Caitlyn: “All kinds of fruits and veggies,” and she assures us she’ll always have “chobani yogurt, vegemite and hummus” stocked up. #straya.
Praising u, national treasure.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Three integral parts of any human’s day. What does yours look like?

Chloe: Brekky usually consist of “a piece of sourdough with scrambled or poached eggs, sometimes avo and sometimes spinach,” she’s fond of the ol’ NutriBullet too, whipping one up with “whatever fruits and veggies are in the fridge.”

She works from home, so a lot of the time, lunch is last night’s leftovers. “But I’m totally obsessed with sushi at the moment,” she tells us, “there’s a little place down the street that makes incredibly fresh rolls, these are an easy go to and fill me up until dinner.”

“I know it shouldn’t be, but dinner is usually my biggest meal of the day, especially if I haven’t had a huge lunch or breakkie.” She loves red meat, chicken, a good roast and says her mum makes a mean pumpkin, feta and spinach pie.

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Caitlyn: She keeps it simple – “Breakfast is mostly vegemite toast with avocado, or yogurts with berries, nuts and oats. Lunch is turkey or a tuna salad sandwich. Dinner is meat or fish with veggies.”

What’s your biggest and baddest goal for 2016?
Chloe: “I want to really try and put everything into my swimwear label. This is my third year in business and we have just had two huge years, I’d like to keep this momentum going and make 2016 bigger and better!”

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“On a personal note, I’d really like to work on my all round fitness,” as well as working on a better work/life balance. “It’s really really easy to get caught up in the office day in day out.”

Caitlyn: Currently taking acting classes, she says it would be “amazing” to land a role. She’s also keen to “get fit before [her] first trip to America.”

What’s your go-to workout song when you need to channel your inner Rocky Balboa and smash a session?

Chloe: Spectrum by Goldlink and The Cove by Cut Snake.”
Caitlyn: “Oldie but a goodie that always works for me is I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li”.
And lastly – what’s your favourite Pinterest-worthy workout spot in our fair Sydney?

Chloe: “ANY beach,” she says. “I live so close to the beach, so whenever I get the chance I like to get out there. You can get a nice tan, take a casual stroll and do a few sit ups along the way. Palm Beach Lighthouse walk is a nice little uphill challenge to an absolutely stunning finish line!”

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Caitlyn: “Anywhere near water. The coastal walk along Bondi to Coogee never gets old. So beautiful!”

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