Free Health + Fitness Events Are Rolling Out Oz-Wide, So What’s Yr Excuse?

Exercising solo is literally one of the most intimidating things to do, and I am like, not even exaggerating. Am I squatting the right way? How long should I run before I deserve a walking break? Should my headphone cords go underneath my top or on the outside of it? Are New Balances cool? Don’t know. Do care.

However, *not* exercising at all is far worse than exercising nervously, you know? The solution is to exercise with others. Why? Because they’ll tell you if you’re doing it wrong, lol. But above all, group exercise is great for your mental health – it’s social, fun and gives you something to look forward to.

But look, if your friends are anything like mine (lazy potatoes) then you’ll be in quite a pickle, that’ll you’ll no doubt wanna burn off.

But never fear, a loophole is here.

Medibank has crunched the numbers and found out via their research that 43% of Gen Y Aussies haven’t exercised in the last three months, and additionally 80% reckon they’re affected by social isolation. On top of that, 18% of Gen Ys now suffer from depression, and 24% now suffer from anxiety.

In an attempt to help this, they’re launching hundreds of free, community-based exercise events and health initiatives across Australia – as part of a new program called ‘Free + Active‘. First port of call? The opening of 40 new parkrun locations, which is basically a free, weekly, social running / walking event.

It’s kicking off this Saturday 19th August in Brimbank Park (VIC), followed by Newport Lakes (VIC), Wagga Wagga (NSW), Wollongong (NSW) and Redcliffe (QLD) over the next five weeks. Medibank hope to have parkrun available to over 300 communities in a year’s time from now.

Prefer exercises that aren’t running? Stay tuned. There’s five more years of this Free + Active program to come and I, for one, welcome free and easily accessible exercise into my life. Whether it’s to lose a few cals or invite a clear mind, sign me up aye.

Find a Free + Active location near you HERE.