Forget Planking: Crawling Like A Drunk Baby Is The Newest Fitness Craze

It’s an activity usually reserved for lil babies and/or your ex when they realise you’re the real MVP.
But today, my friends, it is The Hottest New Fitness Trend.
US bloke and co-founder of training system Original Strength, Tim Anderson, reckons getting on all fours is ‘the new plank’ – and freaking phenomenal for your fitness. 
Original Strength is a fitness style wherein people practice movements they learnt as little tackers as a way of recovering and/or increasing fitness – and crawling is what they consider to be a “reset” function. By going back to these movements we learnt as babies, you can regain lost strength and mobility.
As Anderson explained in his 2011 book ‘Becoming Bulletproof‘, kids learn to crawl before they walk because it helps them develop a healthy gait pattern. “It should take four limbs to walk,” he says – and he believes too many adults have forgotten this and are in pain as a result.
What makes the exercise of crawling so great is that it incorporates two improvable skills – balance and spacial awareness. 
While you may think it looks a bit silly, Anderson finds that the people who take issue with trying the move are “usually [the] sedentary person or one who doesn’t smile a lot.” Even the Cleveland Cavaliers bball team get around it in training.
Don’t be fooled, it ain’t as easy as it looks. Before you take it to the gym, there are some good ways to practice:

Source: The Washington Post.

Photo: Wolf of Wall Street.