Whether you’ve been busting your ass for years to reach your goals and it’s just not working out (or -quite the opposite – you’ve tried absolutely nothing and you’re shockingly not reaching those dizzying heights of progress) all of us could do with a bit of manifestation in our lives.

But what is manifesting and why do some people swear by it? Simply put, it’s thinking of your clear goals and dreams, putting those goals out into the universe and actively working towards them.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to DJ, jack-of-all-trades and manifesting queen Flex Mami to get some pro tips and tricks on manifestation. Thanks to Boohoo.com, Flex will also be speaking at PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Selfish Weekend presented by The House of Angostura, an upcoming weekend dedicated to self-care.

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P.TV: What’re your thoughts on the effectiveness of manifestation? 

Flex Mami: That’s a very loaded question and one that I’ve been grappling with from the moment I started speaking on the practice. The easiest way I can describe it is with a terribly vague analogy. Take university for example, you study and get a degree, not with the guarantee that you’ll land your dream job as soon as you graduate. Instead you leave being equipped with the tools that will help you to finesse your dream job.

In my opinion, manifesting is an instrument of accountability. It inherently forces you to think about how you inhibit your goals and takes the emphasis off the external barriers. Keeping you on top of your shit, your thoughts, your output, your perception, your actions. Encouraging you to focus on the things you can actually change, instead of prioritising things that are out of your control. How can you not be closer to where you want to be after all that?

P.TV: When did you start using it as a tactic to reach your goals? 

FM: Roughly about three years ago when I was finally in a position where I was making a significant income from DJ-ing, and wanted to try my hand at TV presenting. Like every self-development enthusiast with aspirations for TV, I looked to Oprah and then to The Secret.

While I appreciated the sentiment, the book was extremely rooted in religion and “letting go” and “letting the universe take care of it”. This aligned with my penchant for spirituality, but career has always been a journey of pragmatism. Read a few books, pulled out the theory that spoke to me, and deduced the most logical way to apply what I was learning.

P.TV: What would you suggest to people who are trying it for the first time?

FM: Get off Instagram and do your Googles. There are too many people selling manifesting to people as the Atheist’s answer to prayer: ask (the universe, not God, duh) and you shall receive (because of course). Unfortunately that’s not only ineffective but damaging rhetoric. Wrap your head around the concept first, goal set practically, challenge your perspective and do the work.

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P.TV: Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve got in store for the Selfish Weekend? 

FM: A masterclass on the practice of manifestation. How I do it, how you can do it, what I like about it, dislike about it, roasting it, challenging it and of course, sharing the good things and cooked things I’ve manifested.

P.TV: Have you got anything manifesting at the moment? 

FM: Always! 1. A published “real” book. The e-book was a fantastic exercise in articulating thoughts and sharing concepts, but I’m ready to step it up. 2. Men who won’t waste my time.

P.TV: How do you personally manifest something? 

FM: Buy my e-book: www.flexmami.bigcartel.com

P.TV: What are some goals you’ve kicked that you think manifestation helped with?

FM: My whole freelance career. 18 months ago I was working in an office as a Social Media Manager (and casual DJ) with aspirations to get paid to be myself, have a significant disposable income, travel frequently and create a life that prioritises leisure as much as the hustle. Here we are.

P.TV: What do you think are some of the biggest / most common misconceptions around manifestation?

FM: Well, the obvious one is the fact that it’s been regarded as a pseudo-witchy phenomenon akin to prayer-for-Atheists, wishing upon a star or rubbing a Genie’s bottle. That it’s as simple as wanting, not executing and getting results. That it’s an effective substitute for working.

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