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DJ and TV Presenter Flex Mami is more than equipped to school the masses on all things manifestation – from a successful e-book on exactly that, to manifesting a life that balances leisure with hustle.

She’s also headed to our upcoming self-care festival, PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Selfish Saturday presented by The House Of Angostura, to help you lot manifest your best selves in 2020. It’s mere weeks away (Feb 22), and Flex is just one of the legends we have lined up to shoot the breeze with punters.

We chatted to Flex roughly a year after her manifestation sesh at our last self-care festival to see where she’s at and what she has in store for the next one.

P.TV: What are some goals you’ve kicked that you think manifestation helped with?

Flex Mami: In short, my whole career lol. I finished high school with average marks, dropped out of uni twice, got a job becoming a door girl while working in PR as a Social/Digital Media Manager (that was monotonous), started DJ-ing (read: poorly) for fun, mused that it would be cool to do it full time, manifested (belief, intent, action) and about 6-12 months later I was a full-time DJ. I used a similar course of proactive thinking and doing to become a TV Presenter and Podcaster.

I had pretty serious aspirations to get paid to be myself, have a significant disposable income, travel frequently and create a life that prioritises leisure as much as the hustle. Here we are.

P.TV: How do you personally manifest something?

FM: Understand that it’s not the atheist’s guide to prayer. It’s not “wishing upon a star” and receiving. It’s capitalising on on visualisation, opportunity and a smidge of privilege.

In order to even theorise that you have the potential to be or have more, generally it means you have some of the resources required to do so. Why do you think that people who are already in positions of influence or affluence seem to acquire the things they visualise easier?

P.TV: Have you got anything manifesting at the moment?

FM: A global online retailer for my critical thinking and self-development card game ReFlex.

P.TV: Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve got in store for the Selfish Saturday?

FM: I’ll be providing a simple, effective (not witchy) guide to the practice, discussing a few of the myths and flaws of the practice.

I’ll give you clear, concise steps on how to shift your thoughts, upskill your perspective, train your brain and in turn finesse the “universe” to give you want. A hot dollop of real talk, with a sprinkle of esoteric spirituality.

After that, we’ll be doing a live manifesting session with someone in the audience.

I mean, I’ve been trying to manifest a life where I don’t forget to take the bins out every Monday, so if everyone excuses me, I’ll be front and centre for that live manifestation session with Flex.

For those out of the loop, here’s a convenient rundown of what else is in store for you at Selfish Saturday, kicking off at The Timber Yard in Melbourne on Feb 22 (I repeat, Feb 22).

  • The Sex-Ed You’ll Thank Us For Later w/ Chantelle Otten
  • Nude Drawing Classes
  • Vibrator Races
  • The Big Gay Debate
  • Social Media and Self-Care w/ Alex Hayes and Batyr
  • Climate Action & Sustainability w/ Laura Wells
  • Stand-Up Sesh w/ Double Denim
  • Meeting Melbourne’s Movers & Money-Makers w/ Jenni Ryall
  • The House Of Angostura’s Pop-Up Better Mix Bar

There’s also a stacked line-up, food out the wazoo and alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) bevs at the ready.

Sportsgirl has also jumped on board with their own beauty pop-up, so if you’re in need of a touch-up throughout the day, you know where to head.

You can suss out tix and more info right ‘ERE.

Image: Supplied