An Eye Doctor Has Warned About Sleeping In Contacts After Removing TWENTY THREE From A Patient

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A Californian eye doctor has warned folks not to fall asleep with contacts in after she pulled 23 of them out of a patient’s eyes. Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, there’s footage.

California Eye Associates Ophthalmologist Dr Katerina Kurteeva went viral online after posting a video where she removed a heap of green contact lenses from a patient’s eye after they complained of irritation.

Now Kurteeva has penned an essay for Business Insider titled “I removed 23 contact lenses from a patient’s eye. I’ve never seen anything like it,” in which she details why the hell you shouldn’t sleep with your contacts lest you become just like this woman.

My queen, 23???? Two lenses I’d forgive but a whole 23??

First, let’s revisit the viral video that has resurfaced online. Although I must give out a contact warning. Shit gets graphic.

“Although I can’t be certain of how she managed to forget to remove all those lenses, it could be because she had been wearing contact lenses for 30 years,” Kurteeva told Business Insider.

“When a person wears contact lenses over a long period of time, it can cause desensitisation of the corneal nerve endings.

“She wouldn’t have felt something like 23 contact lenses as sharply. It also could have been her age. Older people’s eyelid fornix, the least sensitive space, is much deeper, and the contact lenses just sat there for a while not bothering her.”

Absolutely mind-boggling. If a tiny speck of dust lands in my eye it feels like a skyscraper got stuck in there, I can’t imagine what it’d feel like with 79,000 pieces of plastic deciding to just chill under my eyelids.

“I feel really lucky to have captured this on video to remind people to remove their contact lenses every single night,” Kurteeva continued.

“This was a happy ending, but it could have gone sour really quickly.”

I’ve personally never seen a video that has changed me so viscerally before, and I once watched the Brazilian arthouse film Two Girls, One Cup for an article.

The part that fucks me up the most though is that Kurteeva writes how she “begged” the woman to not wear contact lenses again but “she’s gone straight back to wearing them.” Yikes.

I don’t think I’ll ever wear eye contacts again after this. It’s glasses for me from here on out. I hope this poor woman also considers glasses. Surely she’ll feel those if they get lost in her eye?