If there’s one thing you can say without absolute shadow of a doubt, it’s that here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we don’t do things by half measures. So when we wanna make sure you’re kicking back and actually taking a moment for yourselves for once, we go big and insist you make it a whole damn weekend.

That’s why PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Selfish Weekend presented by The House of Angostura, held at Sydney’s La Porte Space on the 16th and 17th of March, is going to be absolutely bloody epic.

You might have seen us gushing about how ridic it’s gonna be, but mates, we’ve just been adding more and more to the lineup so really, you’re welcome.

Here’s a buncha seriously cool shit you can expect over the weekend.

Wellness In Biz Conversation With Keep It Cleaner‘s Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw

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You’ve heard the names of these gurus before, so now it’s time to hear from them directly. Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw will be there to chat success with Keep It Cleaner – a wellness program offering meal, mindfulness and exercise guides (and more recently healthy food products which are now stocked in Coles).

They’ll also be talking about what it’s like to have 1 million+ Instagram followers, plus managing funds, staying on top of their fitness game and always getting a good night’s sleep.

Lean Into Chaos At ‘Fury Meditation’ With ‘Bachelor In Paradise’s Luke McLeod

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If you find yourself feeling a little too caught up in the craziness of the world for conventional meditation, or your head simply cannot switch off from the drama, you’re gonna wanna get a geeze at Luke McLeod’s Fury Yoga sessions. The ‘Bachelor in Paradise‘ alum is here to help you get zen (and makes for some damn good eye candy).

A Simple Effective (Not Witchy!) Guide To Manifesting With Flex Mami

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“Before you knock [manifestation] and denounce it as a spiritual thing that you’re ready to write off (atheists are welcome here!), I recommend you come to this keynote. Unlike most manifesting enthusiasts, I’m going to share my pragmatic method.

I’ll pass on clear concise steps on how to shift your thoughts, upskill your perspective, train your brain and in turn finesse the “universe” to give you want. A hot dollop of real talk, with a sprinkle of esoteric spirituality.”Flex Mami.

Nude Life Drawing With Some Firemen & Their Poles

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Get ready to draw them like one of your French girls, because this life drawing class will have you sketching from boobs to pubes. You’ll be there, pencil in hand, celebrating a bunch of naked bods from steamy hot firemen to bodies of all shapes and sizes.

A Guide To Mindful Boozing + Conscious Cocktail Bar With The House Of Angostura

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Ever heard of Low ABV? Well, you’re going to. Join The House of Angostura to chat all things low ABV and non-alcoholic drinking trends with Global Angostura Brand Ambassador, Ray Letoa – AKA a NZ bartending icon who turns heads at Wellington’s Roxy Cinema.

Letoa will be joined by Wellness Editor of Bartender Magazine, Amy Spanton and special guest Flex Mami to get chatting while we’re sipping. PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Music + Culture Editor, Courtney Fry, will take a break from spinning spicy yarns (both literally and metaphorically) to mediate the panel.

Hold Back Your Happy Tears To Cuddle Some Adorable Baby Goats

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We’re not kidding you here – these little climbing cuties are going to be making an appearance over the weekend and you’ll be able to get up close and personal. Bleat back at their adorable little faces and score yourself a lil’ goat cuddle at the petting zoo.

Music Therapy Q&A With Aussie Music’s MVP G Flip

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You might know her as G-Flip, but muso Georgia Flipo is as real as it gets, and will be chatting about music as therapy and the intense highs and lows success can bring, hot on the release of new single Bring Me Home.

The Melbourne indie-pop phenomenon has found herself listed on festival lineups around Australia and the world since her debut single About You was released on Triple J Unearthed.

Psychologist Matching Consultations With LYSN

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Let’s be real: finding the right psychologist for you can be tricky. Pop in for an online consultation with hundreds of qualified Aussie psychologists for your chance to find ~the one~.

True Crime Panel With PEDESTRIAN.TV’S #1 Podcast ‘All Aussie Mystery Hour’ Hosts Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke & Melissa Mason

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Love a good zesty mystery yarn? All Aussie Mystery Hour podcast hosts Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke & Melissa Mason, two chatty gals who just love spooky mysteries and horrific murders, are here for a Q&A with a psychologist and fans of the podcast to talk about how this global obsession with true crime is actually a healthy form of self-care.

Find Your Perfect Swimsuit Size Thanks To Ark Swimwear’s Fancy-As-Shit New Tech

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You know you hate trying on cozzies in the shops (shout out to change room mirrors for the blows to our self esteem), so sort out your perf size in brand new mPod technology that’ll scan your bod and give you your ideal measurements, all thanks to Ark Swimwear.

Staying Afloat From URL To IRL With ‘No Chill’ Podcast Hosts Lucinda Price & Madison Griffiths

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PEDESTRIAN.TV’s breakthrough mental health podcast No Chill is busting out of the studio and onto the stage, as hosts Lucinda Price of PEDESTRIAN.TV and Madison Griffiths go deep with some of Australia’s favourite creators.


The Smoothie Bowl Shack With Kath Ebbs

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Come get a taste of nutrition queen Kath Ebbs‘ goodies at The Smoothie Bowl Shack. Cut the usual lines at Glebe Markets for her delicious Smoothie Bowls and meet the queen behind the kale.

CTFD Yoga Flow, Yin Yoga + Meditation With Future Sound of Yoga

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Embrace your inner zen with Angel and DJ SOLON in our daily chill sesh. From Vinyasa Flow Yoga or to a guided Yoga Nidra Meditation in savasana, you’ll be feeling so zen that the world . The soundtrack will be a fusion of ethereal soundscapes and soothing beats.

Spice Up Your Bedroom Antics In ‘How To Cum 101’ With Sexologist Heidi Gee

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If you’re not feelin’ it in the bedroom (or kitchen, lounge, car… wherever you get busy), you’re gonna wanna pop along to this talk and get the inside goss from sexologist and sex counsellor Heidi Gee. You’ll find out everything you need to know about the female orgasm and arousal.

So trust us when we say that there’s STACKS going on over the course of this weekend. Oh and did we mention you get a gift bag to the value of over one hundred bucks just for showing up? Oh yeah.

Grab your tickets HERE and get yourself ready to indulge in an entire weekend where it’s all about you and what you want.

Because mates, you damn well deserve it.