The Pros And Cons Of Being Mates With Someone Who’s Dramatic As Hell


Despite constantly being labelled the ‘dramatic’ one of the group (I refute that accusation to this day, I’m COOL CALM AND COLLECTED AT ALL TIMES FIGHT ME), I do happen to know what it’s like to have friends on both ends of the spectrum.

While there are advantages to surrounding yourself with a smorgasbord of different personalities, being chummy with someone who has a flair for the theatrics definitely requires more energy and usually patience.

It really depends on whether or not your dramatic mate can keep their chill when push comes to shove but generally speaking, there are some overarching pros and cons that usually come with the territory:

  • PRO: You’ll never be bored. Ever.
  • CON: There’s the ongoing risk that your mate will take it too far and you’ll get roped into a revenge scheme involving an ex, an ex’s possessions and gasoline.
  • PRO: Dramatic friends tend to love a bit of conflict, so if you ever get into a tiff with someone else, you’ll have at least one person invested in your chaotic personal life.
  • CON: Conversation may at times be one-sided, purely because there’s no point talking about the time you almost got hit by a car when your mate will most likely have a better story about the time they were almost abducted and sold to a prince.
  • PRO: You’re guaranteed a strong reaction when you finally do get to tell a story – expect a lot of responses along the lines of ‘Shut up’ andOh my god want me to punch them?’
  • CON: If you’re going to any sort of gathering or event, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that your mate will be dressed in an outlandish costume that’ll definitely upstage your own.
  • PRO: There’ll never be any awkward, silent moments.
  • CON: If you’re in public, they’ll make a massive scene for the most trivial reasons. Eat your chips without sauce? Outrage. Dip jerky in your Low Sugar Slurpee? Admittedly understandable outrage.

Regardless of whether you’re cool as a cucumber or bloody unhinged, as long as your mates are decent people who really cares?

Anywho, we’ve taken the liberty to give you visuals of what it’s like on either side of the aisle. Have a squiz below:

Alternatively, if your friends are pissing you right off, ditch ’em and go down to 7-Eleven for a Low Sugar Slurpee. It’s full-on but like, in a good way.