Dr Karl Crushes The Activated Almonds Out Of The Paleo Diet On JJJ

Petey boy, oh Petey boy. You’re not gonna like this one.
sorry moite but the jig is up

Ya boy Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is back at it again with the science and facts, this time, using them to discuss (and dismiss) the fabled Paleo diet.

“I just wanted to ask about the validity of the Palaeolithic diet, like, is there any real science or merit behind avoiding grains, gluten or dairy just because our ancestors didn’t have access to those products?” asked a female listener.
The K Doc and his co-doc Clare Collins, Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics, answered the question, but not before trying palm that loaded, steaming hot potato off on the other.
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Karl went on to drag the sugar-free shit out of the caveman diet with Clare adding a little gluten-free salt to the wound with some hard facts:
“The paleo diet claims that the period of 12,000 years since we invented agriculture is far too short for our bodies to have evolved to cope with the new foods that agriculture has given us,” says Dr Karl, in his trademark long-distance sentences. 

“So to summarise, they say that the key to a healthy, long life is to abandon our modern agricultural diet and to eat what our Palaeolithic ancestors ate.”
“There are major problems at every possible level, from theatrical to practical,” he continues, drowning out the sound of a thousand spirulina-filled nutribullets Australia-wide.
Karl continued to double down on Pete Evans enthusiasts with four main points:
1. There was no one, single paleo diet in the olden days. Our ancestors lived all over the place (on the equator, the North Pole and China) and therefore all of their diets were different.
2. “We actually have evolved a lot in the last 12,000 years, including lactose tolerance.” (this one was spoken with max sass.)
3. We can’t actually eat what the Palaeolithic folk ate cause it ain’t around anymore.
4. “The recommended [paleo] diet is way out of kilter with the current recommendations of professional dietitians.”
Clare Collins finished the sick burn by reminding us that “paleo man is not here today for a reason.”

Naturally, triple j’s comment section blew up with indignant quinoa-truthers. 
To cap it all off, Zan Rowe chimed in and made a quip about 2012‘s hottest health food, activated almonds. You can read our highly-scientific, double-placebo study HERE
Source: triple j.
Photo: triple j / pedestrian.tv.