It’s a dog’s life.

I don’t know what that expression means exactly, but dogs are great.

Whether it’s Santa’s Little Helper in The SimpsonsHappy in 7th Heaven or Scooby Doo in… Scooby Doo, dogs are vital sources of humour, lightness and general happiness in pop culture and in life.

That’s why we stole borrowed our housemate’s dog Bibi (a most gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla who naturally has her own Instagram, thank us later) and took her for a spin ’round Sydney‘s Surry Hills for the day.

The plan was simple: we wanted to test, in an entirely non-scientific way, whether or not having a dog made us happier.

Would we spend less time on our phone? Would we have more human-to-human interaction? Would we get our blood pumping?

You can probably guess the answer to all three questions, but here’s the audiovisual receipt:

Can A Dog Improve Your Wellbeing?

Doggy daycare.

Posted by on Wednesday, 2 May 2018

It really is a dog’s life after all.

Whatever that means.

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