We've partnered with Libra to talk about periods and normalise the bloody thing.

It’s been almost three years since we lost Dolly Doctor.

It was who you turned to when you swallowed and worried you were now with-child. The soul you confided in when you were attracted to your (first) cousin. Green discharge? She was your girl.

But our trusted confidante left a hole in our hearts, along with the plethora of questions in our vaginés, when Dolly shut up shop in 2016.


That’s why PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Libra and Ask Gemmah, the experts in periods, to launch our very own version called ‘DM Doctor’.

Yes, no longer do you need to worry that your itchy cooch means you’re dying, because we’ve enlisted our very own doctor to answer your burning questions. From doing the sex to endo, nothing’s off the examination table.

How do you get involved?

Every fortnight the DM Doctor will be open for business. We’ll announce the new topic they’re taking questions for via our Instagram Stories.

This is where you slide in and ask your questions and no, we won’t reveal your identity (I’m already mildly regretting leaving my name on an article that discusses discharge and semen), with all questions remaining completely anonymous.

We’ll then spin up an article with the doc’s answers to all your questions. So many questions, so little time – so get cracking below.

Follow us on the ‘gram to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Because your health should never be taboo.


If your period questions were not answered in our first few rounds with the DM Doctor, head over to Ask Gemmah. Disclaimer: the responses will not be from a physician.

Image: Grey's Anatomy