DJ Khaled Signs Major Key Deal With Weight Watchers As New Ambassador

I’m not entirely sure of the timeline, but somewhere between 2016 and now DJ Khaled transcended his status as a living meme and became a fully-fledged celebrity.

Definitive proof of this major key metamorphosis happened today, with the For Free rapper announcing he has signed a deal to become the latest ambassador for Weight Watchers.

Following in the footsteps of notable WW alumni like Oprah, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson, Khaled Mohamed Khaled has signed a no-doubt disgustingly spenno deal with the weight loss company and comes on as a social media ambassador.

This will involve the hip-hop going public with his weight loss journey by broadcasting his trials and tribulations to this followers on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and Snapchat.

Your mans first post went up on Monday, and it’s nice to see the endorsement doesn’t involve the mogul dialling down his flagrant use of the key emoji:

“Ride with me on my journey to greatness. Bless up Weight Watchers!!!” he wrote to this 8.9 million Insta followers.

Since the partnership announcement, Weight Watchers’ shares have jumped a sizeable 7.3 percent.

We wish DJ Khaled all the best in his impending egg white-filled journey.