PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with The Body Shop to help y'all with the latest cruelty-free products this holiday season.  

So, Chrissy season is approaching and there’ll be lots going on around the house this summer. You’re obviously going to need to pamper yourself, but you’ve decided to do this with strictly cruelty-free products.

Number 1: Hell yeah, you go Glen Coco.
Number 2: Why not spread the news about cruelty-free products to those who love and care about your opinion most – your family?

Like the beautiful creator of change you are, you’re ready to shine some light and motivate la familia to go cruelty-free this holiday season.

Here are some low-key tips to make this a reality:

1. Sub out your old household products for cruelty-free ones

Whether it be your family’s skincare and haircare products, or their fragrances, pull a swift move and substitute harmful products with their cruelty-free alternatives. If you have a dad like mine, he won’t even notice.

Then, once they’re already raving about these new goodies you’ve blessed them with, reveal that they’re cruelty-free and open up the discussion about the benefits of staying with these alternatives.

It doesn’t have to be some mysterious announcement – the fact that they’re all cruelty-free is really just icing on the cake.

2. Go in with a plan

Cruelty-free products are available in abundance. In 2018, now more than ever, we have the opportunity to choose between an array of product lines that won’t do harm to animals. So why don’t people make those decisions? The biggest reason is coz they’re probs not actually informed.

If you head in this Christmas with stats to back you up, you’re gonna have a heck of a lot more success with convincing your fam to make the switch. Talk about how 80% of countries in the world don’t have bans against animal testing, or how it’s mandatory to test on them in some countries.

You’ll also want to wax lyrical about how cruelty-free brands tend to have a pretty expansive range so you can get all your needs met at the one place.

3. Count down the days with a cruelty-free advent calendar

One of the cheekiest but most effective way to change your family’s mindset when it comes to cruelty-free products is to slowly introduce them one by one. How better to do that than a literal board full of pressies in the lead-up to Christmas?

It’s just simple maths, people. Cruelty-free products  x 24 days of Christmas = A buttload of opportunity for you to bring your fam into the light and spread the love.

The Body Shop have a 10/10 advent calendar called 24 Days Of The Enchanted that will do the trick. Plus then you get a bunch of cool new pressies, you cheeky minx.

4. Skip the preach and be genuinely excited

Look, it can be a fine line between those who are really interested and invested in cruelty-free products, and those whose eyes glaze over when you mention it. Our goal is to change the mentalities of those whose eyes glaze over, particularly those pesky family members who need some convincing. Because. Cruelty. Is. Yuck. Period.

A great way to discuss cruelty-free things with family members is to mention the cruelty-free aspect in a casual but genuine way.

Example: Cousin needs new moisturiser. You say, “Oh, hey, I have a great one for you.” You tell them the benefits. Then, at the end of the conversation, say something along the lines of, “Oh yeah, the moisturiser’s also cruelty-free, which is a huge bonus.”

5. Show ’em where to get the goods themselves

You know that saying, give a man a fish? If you keep buying your fam cruelty-free products it helps, but it’ll help them even more to know where to go. For example, tell them that The Body Shop’s entire range is cruelty-free, so they’re a far more ethically conscious choice when shopping.

After all, 2018 is the summer where we care for our planet and our animals, and look good doing it. Slay.

Image: Instagram / @mileycyrus