Copping Hot UTIs All The Time? Exercise & Other Ways To Keep ‘Em At Bay

One does not know true uncomfiness until one experiences a red, hot, flaming Urinary Tract Infection.
The need to pee is all-consuming and never-ending, when you do manage to get a bitta liquid out it stings like the fiery depths of Satan‘s lair and it turns out cranberry juice doesn’t even do diddly squat.
Exciting new research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise suggests that exercise (even as chill as going for a walk or a fun bike ride) could be helpful in preventing UTIs.

Aalborg University researchers analysed surveys taken by 18,874 people in Denmark between 2007 and 2010.
Participants ranked their exercise habits from 1 (“regular hard physical training and competitive sports several times per week”) to 4 (“reading, watching television, or other sedentary behaviors”), and then based on these ratings, the researchers classified participants into high, low, and moderate physical activity groups, plus a sedentary group.
A year later, the researchers checked pharma records to see who had been prescribed antibiotics. They found that those who engaged in physical activity like walking or gardening for four or more hours per week were 10% less likely to need antibiotics than the entirely sedentary folk.
Light exercisers were 21% less likely than sedentary people to get UTI medications, and moderate exercisers were 32% less likely.
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How else can you reduce the risk of copping a UTI to the gine?
Always pee after sex. The bed is so warm and cozy, but do it. You gotta.
– Drink lots of water – this way, you’ll flush out the bacteria in your urinary tract that can cause a UTI.
– Wipe from front to back. If you wipe from back to front, you’re more likely to spread bacteria from your anus to your wee wee hole. Bad.
– Avoid feminine hygiene products. Stuff like ‘femfresh’ might make your vajootz smell like a chemical flower – but it’s bad for the PH balance. Stick to soap and always flush the area with water afterwards.
There ya go. Happy UTI-free days, my friends.
Source: Refinery29.
Photo: White Castle.