CODE RED: Heavy Rain Responsible For Record Spider Spike Around ‘Straya

Last week, we brought you news of the redback uprising in Queensland.

Now Aussie arachnologist (spider expert) Robert Raven has given us the *reason* for the sudden multiplication of spiders around Australia; previously kept at bay by the drought, increased rainfall in the southeast has given the creepy crawlies confidence to show themselves.
“It’s extremely likely that people are going to be seeing them,” he told “It’s the largest increase in numbers in about 15 years.”
Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions owner Michael Azzopardi reckons business is booming, with requests for his exterminations services 35% higher than the same time last year.
While redback numbers are exploding in the Sunshine State, sightings of funnel webs are booming in New South Wales.
Most often found in hinterland areas, they too are being drawn out by the muggy/wet weather. 
Good news: FWs are less likely to make contact with humans than RBs.
The other good news: no one’s actually died from a confirmed spider bite since 1979 here in ‘Straya.
Got bit? You can use healthdirect’s online Symptom Checker to ascertain when to seek medical attention. If symptoms persist/worsen, call 000.