We’re Looking For 27 Queenslanders To Have A Frank Conversation About Ice Addiction

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Yas kweens-landers! We want you. That’s right: you. After the success of our beloved 27 Pedestrians docuseries in 2020, we’re searching for 27 Queenslanders from all walks of life to take part in our new mini docuseries.

PEDESTRIAN.TV and Queensland Health are working together on three videos to engage our audience in conversations around ice (crystal methamphetamine). By sharing trusted and factual information, we’ll raise awareness of the help available to ice users, their family and friends, and help fight the stigma and misconceptions surrounding ice use by, ahem, breaking the ice.

You probably have some more questions about the series, so here are some A’s to your Q’s:

Who do you want to feature?

We’re out to find 27 Queensland-based Pedestrian readers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some might know a little about ice, some might know a lot. But we reckon there’s probably a heap of big questions, wrong assumptions and downright ludicrous misconceptions about the drug and what it means to live with it, treat it, and beat back addiction.

That’s where our experts come in. We’re also looking for people with lived experiences; for example, former users, healthcare professionals specialising in addiction, or friends and family members with a loved one who’s in recovery. They’ll correct the misconceptions and educate our audience and our participating Pedestrians about the truths about ice, addiction and how to access help — so we can all move forward together.

Our goal is to find a genuinely interesting way to lay all of our audiences’ ice knowledge on the table (right or wrong), to educate and, most importantly, put a human face on the issue; breaking down stereotypes and calling for some much-needed empathy. Let’s break the ice and prove that recovery is possible.

How do I apply for 27 Pedestrians?

There will be a small fee involved so to register your interest, take a few minutes to fill out the form below so we can learn a bit more about who you are, where in Queensland you’re from and what makes you the perfect fit for this project. You can also film a one-minute video to accompany your application, although this isn’t mandatory if you CBF.

If we think you could be a good fit, we’ll get in touch soon.

What do I need to do if I’m selected?

It’s pretty simple. We’ll reach out, brief you on the finer deets and tee up a time to film that suits your schedule. We want you to be able to talk freely, so doing it from home (or another place you feel comfortable) is ideal, however, you’ll need to be comfortable with your face appearing in front of a camera either by zoom or IRL.

So, to recap: do you want to be part of a project that helps champion some conscious change, reduce fear, shame and stigma associated with ice use? Do you want to help show that recovery is possible and share your honest thoughts? Then we’re keen to hear from you.

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