UK mother Claire Warner took to Facebook on July 6 to post a picture of her left breast after being diagnosed with cancer. 

The picture is relatively unremarkable at first, save for some bruising and a red spot.

“This is a picture of my left boob,” Claire begins. “The small purplish bruise is where I had a biopsy taken. The minuscule dimple up and to the left of it is a rare and little-known symptom of BREAST CANCER [sic].”


Yep, if you look to the left of the blue-ish bruise, you’ll see a soft dent.

Her post has been shared by almost 26,000 people at time of writing, and has even spawned it’s very own Twitter account:

Claire says she only spotted the dimple after seeing a friend’s post warning against the symptom – which demonstrates the power of social media.

Best of luck to you, Claire. And thank you for reminding us that checking our breasts regularly is incredibly important.

Source: Claire Warner / Facebook.

Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty.