It’s obviously no secret that the price of cigarettes has skyrocketed, but sometimes it takes a visual explainer to highlight just how expensive smoking is nowadays. Enter Judy Lawson, a Tasmanian woman whose quest to deter her grandchildren from smoking has gone understandably viral.

Judy wanted to show her grandkids just how much money goes down the drain when you smoke, so they set out to purchase as much food as possible for the same price as one pack of cigs. “Grandkids and I tried to purchase the most value for money “basic” food items and the most popular cigarette brand,” she posted on her Facebook.

Exhibit A: 40-pack of Longbeach, coming in at $56.95.

(Image: Facebook / Judy Lawson)

Exhibit B: a whole assortment of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods for a total of $56.85.

(Image: Facebook / Judy Lawson)

“They were surprised at the amount of food you can buy for the same monetary value.” Them and I both, Judy – nothing like a visual comparison to smack you right back into reality, hey?

The post has since amassed over 18K shares and 10K comments in a matter of days. Nana Judy’s health lessons, for the bloody win.

Image: Facebook / Judy Lawson