2017: it’s the year of sharing. 

We share our cars through Uber, our houses on AirBnB and our time on Airtasker. We share our thoughts, selfies and favourite Paris Hilton screenshots from The Simple Life on Instagram.

And now, ‘Straya is getting a bike-sharing service, with start-up Urbi is launching in Joondalup, Perth.

An ‘Uber For Bikes’ Is Launching In Perth & It Costs Just 3 Buckos A Ride

How does it work? Commuters can pick up a bike and helmet from one location and drop it at different destination of their choice. A single ride and helmet will set you back $3, but the more you ride, the cheaper it gets.

The Australian govt already has bike-sharing systems in place in most of our capital cities, but Urbi is a little different. It’s privately-owned and you pay via an app, as opposed to through pay stations at the bikes’ locations.

You download their app, use it to locate a bike near you, unlock it with a code provided to you in-app, take it for a spin for up to 45 minutes then return it to a conveniently-located station near you.

Joondalup has been chosen as the first suburb to cop the program, as up to 40,000 people travel there every day for work or uni.

The bikes are a distinct blue and even have a lil’ basket at the front for all yr bags.

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So here’s to running around town, around around and round, the pedal to the metal, the pedal to whatever.

Source: ABC.

Photo: 500 Days of Summer.