Alex Hayes Is Doing A Rare Mental Health Q&A In Melbs Next Month So Get In Quick Sticks

Prepare your questions now because Alex Hayes is officially touching down in Melbs for a Q&A with local punters.

But, unlike a run-of-the-mill Q&A, Alex will be hosting a session with batyr dedicated to mental health. Given he’s a regular on social media with hundreds of thousands of followers, the lad will have a shitload of knowledge to share about looking after that psyche.

The session will go down at Selfish Saturday, a self-care festival at The Timber Yard on Feb 22 (click HERE to grab tix). Presented by The House of Angostura, the event lets punters treat themselves to bevs (eight of which are free), get involved in panels around sex ed, manifesting, climate change, and the LGBTQ+ community, as well as tunes from the likes of Banoffee and food trucks further than the eye can see.

If you can’t wait until Feb 22 to pick Alex’s brain, well too bloody bad – you’re just going to have to.

But, I’m a generous dog (not a typo), so I went ahead and asked Alex a couple of questions out of curiosity because really, I’ve never had a social media following large enough to a) elicit a strong response of any kind and b) attract any level of hate because the masses just don’t care what I do or who I am.

Alex admitted that there was a “huge negative backlash at school and on social media” when he first started posting photos of himself online, but has come to realise that his “ability to have a positive influence is a gift”.

If and when you hit up Alex’s Q&A, you can expect a “real-life discussion from real-life experience”, which is great because I’ve been taking life advice from shitty sitcoms for about 28 years and so far it’s ruined three friendships, my self-esteem and a formerly positive outlook on life.

Time for a complete life overhaul, methinks.

Just so it’s crystal clear, here are the steps you need to take before the day rolls around:

  • Grab your tickets to Selfish Saturday – the ticket includes eight free drink cards, a gift bag worth $100, plus $5 from every sale goes to RSPCA’s bushfire relief).
  • Start rehearsing your questions for Alex so you absolutely nail the delivery.
  • Rock up to The Timber Yard on Feb 22. That’s a Saturday. If you need a hand remembering it, the festival is called Selfish Saturday.
  • Spend the day treating yourself (a requirement).
  • Leave feeling replenished, relaxed and slightly (a)roused.

Got it? Good.

Alex Hayes Is Doing A Rare Mental Health Q&A In Melbs Next Month So Get In Quick Sticks

Image: Instagram / @alexhayes