If Your Fangs Are Looking A Little Rank, This Teeth Whitening Gum Might Just Sort Ya

Aftersmile Teeth Whitening Gum
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It’s a hard knock life when you live for a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of red in the evenings. Why does the nectar of the gods have to stain our pearly whites? Talk about a forbidden fruit. Well, imagine our delight when we discovered that there’s actually a chewing gum that can reduce yellowing, so you can look less like Austin Powers and more like Ross in that one episode of Friends. It turns out, Aftersmile whitening gum is a new oral healthcare product that’s claiming to do just that.

Basically, Aftersmile whitening gum intends to combat the cost of teeth whitening (a $6.9 billion a year industry, mind you) with a world-first formulation that you can use just by chewing.

So leave those big, awkward teeth whitening kits at home, this solution is much less space and time-consuming. And probably less likely to blind you.

What is Aftersmile whitening gum and how is it gonna keep my chompers pearly white?

aftersmile teeth whitening chewing gum

10 packets of Aftersmile whitening gum for $34.99

The Aftersmile whitening gum includes xylitol, which works to fight plaque build-up, as opposed to other chewies on the market that contain either a very low percentage (or none at all).

Aftersmile’s whitening gum also includes calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate microgranules, which assist in gently removing extrinsic stains. This gum is also free from artificial sweeteners, including aspartame which is hidden in most supermarket chewies.

All of this combined? Teeth that look like you used a damn whitening filter on ’em and like you just brushed the chompers. Win-win. No one actually likes licking their teeth to find a bit of leftover food that forced your dad to make the infamous “I’m saving that for later” gag.

Serious question: could I use this whitening gum on an Uber home and forgo brushing my teeth altogether when I’m rooted and want to go straight to bed? No. But I’ll do it anyway because it’s sterile, and I like the taste.

It’s suggested you use Aftersmile whitening gum four times a day for that fresh after-dentist feeling, minus the scary tools. This is a certified dream for anyone who is an avid gum-chewer already. It’s also ideal for coffee and red-wine drinkers (wink wink, nudge nudge).

You can grab 10 packets of Aftersmile whitening gum for $34.99 or jump onto a subscription service that’ll save you 15% per month. If you choose to be constantly stocked up, it’ll cost you roughly $8 a week to keep your fangs fresh and clean, clean. And yes, shipping is free in Australia.

See you and your pearly whites soon.

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