If Locky D Has Totally Fried Your Brain, Here’s How To Get The Creative Juices Flowing Again


Days spent inside, following the same monotonous routine have absolutely sucked the creative juices right outta my brain. Just slurped it right out. Bit much, I know, but I don’t know how else to describe the effects locky d has had on my creativity. Inspo? I don’t know her.

Don’t get me wrong, lockdown has inspired many others to start a side hustle, from small businesses to art projects on Insta. But for some (me), the thought of starting something along those lines is a) instantly draining and b) overwhelming. Flashy Instagram tiles with bright colours and cool graphics? Yeah, that sounds… hard.

Enter Adobe.

This month, the tech juggernaut is hosting its annual creativity conference, otherwise known as Adobe MAX. It’s free (!!!), completely virtual, and is all about empowering the creative world. And again, this is Adobe we’re talking about, so expect big things. 

Across two days, Adobe MAX will feature more than 400 creativity sessions, keynotes, and tech workshops from industry and celeb creatives, as well as seminars, and product immersion. Ever wanted to know how Adobe’s vast range of products work? Now’s the time.

Plus, you get to choose what you want to learn, whether that’s a session in graphic design, video, photography, or social media. The choice is completely yours.

Don’t stress if you only consider yourself a beginner, by the way. Adobe MAX is open to the whole creative community, from school students to seasoned pros, so that you can have all the skills you need to reach your creative potential.

If you’ve ever sat on the fence about starting a creative side hustle or learning the skills to begin your creative career, allow Adobe to push you to your max. GET IT?

Adobe MAX is usually held in Los Angeles every year, but for obvious reasons – read: the pandemic – it’s gone entirely virtual. So expect attendees from around the world, from Japan to the Middle East, gathered ’round to learn and feel inspired together. Sounds like a fab affair if you ask moi.

Imagine being able to say, “Graphic design is my passion” as you (me) actually understand what you’re doing. What a dream.

Adobe MAX 2021 kicks off from October 27-28. Learn everything you need to know about the creativity conference right HERE.