PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Brown Brothers to make 2021 your best year yet.

Before you go running in the other direction, no, we’re not about to toss some far-reaching, unachievable New Year’s resolutions at you. The time has passed and that’s just one train we refused to jump on this year. In 2021, our focus is firmly on wellbeing and the tiny little — achievable — steps that make you feel better and better.

Because while the terms wellbeing or wellness conjure images of green smoothies and newly-minted gym memberships, it actually just means being comfortable, healthy, or happy. So, in the interest of taking little baby steps towards feeling happier and more comfortable this year, we’ve compiled a few proven ways to make you feel happier every day.

1. Invest in your sleep routine

When your sleep is out of whack, it can make you feel seriously off, too. In the short term, you might feel fuzzy or irritable, and it can also lead to longer term issues like anxiety and depression. While the government’s Head to Health website has a bunch of resources on figuring out exactly why you aren’t sleeping properly, the first thing we’re doing is treating ourselves to a brand new pillow and checking out apps like Recharge that will help us snooze soundly every night.

2. Remember to still treat yourself

It’s a fact that mental health is a huge contributor to wellbeing and vice versa. And a huge part of that is enjoying your life. With that in mind, here’s your gentle reminder to not give up all of your sweet, delicious, dessert-y loves in the name of wellbeing and embrace regular treats.

3. Opt for low-alcohol bevs

If, at this point, dry January is just another failed attempt at a New Year’s resolution but you still want to cut back on the booze, then we might have a solution. Of course, everyone is different, and the Australian government website has a heap of tips for anyone who thinks they really do need to quit alcohol altogether.

But if cutting back is your goal, then one of their tips is to swap your regular drinks for a delicious low-alcohol version — particularly if you’re with mates and still want to have a drink. Something light and refreshing like the Brown Brothers Moscato has an alcohol percentage of 5.3% and the Brown Brothers Moscato and Pinot Grigio comes in at 6.5%. Meanwhile, the average bottle of white wine or rosé will have upwards of 13%.

4. Indulge in the ultimate self-care: sun safety

Most of us know the stats, but we’re about to remind you anyway. At least two in three Aussies will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70, and staggeringly, 96.1% of all melanomas are attributed to sun exposure. Yep, they were almost all preventable. And according to the Cancer Council, wearing sun protection every day is your best defence.

All that’s to say, buying yourself a cute bucket hat and slapping on a thick layer of SPF every single day without fail is a simple way to take care of yourself and show your body some love this summer (and every season).

5. Add some more fruit and vege to your plate

In the interest of taking small steps towards nurturing your wellbeing, we’re not about to tell you to eat healthy foods and healthy foods alone (remember, we’re all for treating ourselves). That said, there is a positive association between eating some extra fruit and vege, and improved mental wellbeing. That means you don’t have to go full Kardashian eating salads for all meals-level healthy eating, but it can’t hurt to add a few extra plants to your daily meals.

6. Get yourself a new best mate

That sounds creepy but we promise we aren’t suggesting something wildly unethical. All we’re suggesting is that if you’ve been considering getting a pet for a while, now might be the time. Pets keep you company, listen without judgement and give you endless love and affection, so naturally, they’re great for your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Of course, you’ll want more time to then play with your new bestie. That’s why Brown Brothers is giving away $50K to one lucky person, so you can have a year off to embrace a work-free life and spend more time playing with your new furry friend (or do whatever you want, really). Plus, there are 1,000’s of instant cash prizes available, too. All you have to do is buy any bottle of wine from the Brown Brothers Moscato, Sparkling Moscato, Cienna, Dolcetto and Syrah or Crouchen Riesling 750mL ranges, hold onto your receipt, then enter over here, on their website.

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