A $7.49 Healthy Lunch Subscription Service Just Launched In Sydney’s CBD

Finding a lunch that ticks all the boxes (healthy, cheap, filling and convenient) is an uphill battle for a lot of office workers.

the inevitable
Unless you possess the seriously impressive willpower to pack your lunch every day, eating out will put a serious dent in your back pocket. There average 9-to-5er will work 261 days a year. Let’s say they’re forking out a humble $12 for lunch erryday. That adds up to a staggering $3,132 bucks a year, just on lunch.
But today, a New York-based start-up called MealPal has launched in the Sydney CBD. It’s a lunch subscription service, and shut the front door and take my money.
There are two packages you can choose from that are both valid for 30 days. You can choose 20 lunches at $7.49 each ($149.80 a month), or 12 lunches for $7.99 each ($95.88 a month). They aren’t the same bog standard lunches every day, either. Over 100 of the city’s tastiest restaurants have signed on, including Sumo Salad, Chicken Confidential and Guzman Y Gomez (that spicy barramundi salad umm hellooooo).
All you do is download the app, place an order 5pm the night before, or by 9:30am that morning. Then you skip down to your chosen restaurant between 11:30am and 2:30pm to collect your grub. You don’t even have to line up. It’s basically an adult lunch order, minus the Ovalteenies (RIP).
The good thing about ordering the night before is that you can choose a really healthy option, so when 12pm rolls around and you’re tempted by the burger with a side o’ fries, you have no choice but to go the salad. Win / win.

You can d/l the MealPal App here.

Photo: Billy Madison.