Okay. Fellas, ladies, lizard people: you / we might have a chlamydia infection.

The 2016 Australian Annual Surveillance report was released by the Kirby Institute this morning, and it turns out that a whopping 72% of chlamydia infections among young people are going undiagnosed.

The report found that by the end of last year, only 28% of the 250k+ new cases of chlamydia among 15 to 29-year-olds were diagnosed, meaning a lot of us may be walking around with funky-feeling junk.

In ~positive~ news (pun entirely intended), testing for chlamydia has actually doubled in the past eight years.

The Kirby Institute told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the reason why 72% of young people with chlamydia infections are undiagnosed, despite this increase in testing, is because only 16% of young people attending general practises had a chlamydia test.

72% Of Chlamydia Infections In Young Aussies Went Undiagnosed Last Year

Researchers concluded that an increase in chlamydia was linked with increased testing, but remained concerned at the three quarters of cases going undiagnosed. The report said the data on STIs highlighted the need to focus on regular testing and treatment.

Chlamydia is unfortunately one of those infections that may provide no symptoms, meaning it’s a good idea to get yo’self checked on the regular even if you experience none of these symptoms. The symptoms which do occur in some cases can also be attributed to a dozen (or several) other infections, diseases and conditions, because genitals are The Matrix Revolutions of the human body: confusing as fuck, and likely to leave you scratching for days afterwards wondering why the hell you bother.

Chlamydia symptoms in women:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge that may have no odor
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Painful periods
  • Abdominal pain with fever
  • Pain when having sex
  • Itching or burning in or around the vagina
  • Pain when urinating

Chlamydia symptoms in men:

  • Small amounts of clear or cloudy discharge from the tip of the penis
  • Painful urination
  • Burning and itching around the opening of the penis
  • Pain and swelling around the testicles

Obviously, there’s an easy solution to help prevent STIs spreadin’ round:

72% Of Chlamydia Infections In Young Aussies Went Undiagnosed Last Year

72% Of Chlamydia Infections In Young Aussies Went Undiagnosed Last Year

Photo: Pedestrian.tv.