4 Tiny Things To Do Over The Xmas Break To Prep For 2021 So You’re Not Scrambling Come March

Prep For 2021

The Summer/ end of year break is a sacred time. That feeling of limbo between Christmas and New Year in which you’re completely unaware of the day of the week or date is pure, unbridled relaxing bliss.

Now, I don’t mean to be the fun police, but if you’re commencing uni, starting a new job or looking to kick off some sort of new life journey in 2021, using this time to get prepped is definitely something you should be thinking about.

The best part is, doing this stuff isn’t actually boring at all, so here’s are a few things you can do to ease into 2021 like a boss without throwing away your precious time off completely.

Set Up Your Work And Zen Spaces

If you’re going to continue working from home in 2021 or complete some sort of study, it’s especially important you set up (and differentiate) your workspace and zen space.

A room makeover over the Xmas break technically counts as an IG-worthy activity. Considering we all spent a lot of time in our rooms in 2020, you’re probably after a change of scenery within your four walls.

Get a few plants, some chill/mood lighting, declutter, and pretty much do anything that’s going to create an environment conducive to helping you zen out and recharge after long days.

Think About Your Goals & Ambitions For The Year

We know for a fact you’re not going to be spending the entire break doing activities and adventuring 24/7. In the time you are spending chilling at home, we highly suggest taking some time to sit with yourself and have a think about what you want to achieve over the course of the year.

Do some beach-side contemplating, sit in a cafe with a notebook and pretend you’re the main character, or just wait in the shower until genius strikes. Whatever floats your boat.

If you’re really stuck about where to take your career/job/study prospects in the new year (because let’s face it, that stuff is hard), sussing out the options at a uni like CQUniversity could help. There’s a tonne of advice available to help you get a better understanding of how to carve your path to your goals,  and there are a bunch of experts and staff on hand that you can reach out to as well if you’ve got any burning questions. If you do make the decision that you want to study, taking the steps to apply during the break could also be beneficial to ensure optimal organisation in the new year.

Get Organised

I’m convinced that there’s nothing more satisfying in life than a good stationery shop. There’s something about new stationery that automatically transitions your brain into a mindset of productivity. You’ll already feel like you’ve made hugely positive steps towards your ~goals~ for the year in doing so.

Use the Christmas break to your advantage and go all out in getting organised for the year ahead. Raid the aisles of Kmart and Typo like it’s nobody’s business and make the most of the impending EOY/ New Year sales.

Stock up on glossy pens, notebooks, colour-coordinated post-it notes, planners – you name it. If it’s going to help you enact your mastermind plans and get your grand ideas in order, buy it.

Reach Out To Old Pals & Reconnect

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that our relationships in life are literally the foundation of all we have. If you’ve got mates you haven’t seen in yonks, acquaintances you’ve fallen off with or even old work/school chums you haven’t spoken to in a while, use this time to reach out.

You’ll go into the new year feeling renewed and connected, which is essential in navigating new goals and milestones too.