4 Signs Your Body Is Starting To Age Early Like Some Kind Of Cruel Joke & How To Slow It Down

Ageing, much like paying your taxes and experiencing at least one bout of food poisoning, is one of life’s inevitables. There are no two ways about it – day by day, minute by minute we’re all getting older. You, me, even Nicole Kidman. I mean, have you seen Nicole Kidman recently? She’s still top-tier beautiful but like, she’s almost 60.  

Anyway, my point is – age happens to all of us. Over time our internal processes – like cell turnover – start slowing down and we take longer to recharge. This is where things like wrinkles and fatigue start setting in. But it’s also a sliding scale, and some of us age faster than others. 

If you’re noticing changes in the mirror or in the way your body feels, it could be that you’re experiencing what the medical world likes to call “premature ageing”. This is when your body starts showing signs of age earlier than – gasp – 35. 

Now, this is not the end of the world. As I said, it happens to all of us. But luckily there are things we can do to help slow down, or prevent, these signs of early ageing. Here are a few common signs and what you can do about them.


Guys, we live in Australia. Our sun is hot and our UV is nuclear. We’ve all – every single hot damn one of us – experienced sunburn, most likely because we forgot to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide. And now you might be noticing some sun damage to your skin, perhaps a few darkened spots on your face or back of your hands. 

In most cases, these spots are harmless (though you should always get them checked by a professional).  To avoid adding more spots to your skin suit, invest in a 50+ SPF sunscreen (minimum) and cover up while in the sun. It’s back to no hat no play, gang. 


Ah, wrinkles. A tell-tale sign of ageing. Wrinkles happen when our collagen (our body’s most abundant protein) production starts slowing down. This is because collagen keeps our skin plump and youthful, so when it starts declining we get a little saggy around the edges. 

But wrinkles are not always just a straight-up age symptom – they can also be worsened by things like dehydration. So while we can’t stop ageing and wrinkles in their tracks, we can still make healthier decisions that may just make you look a little brighter (aka drink more water, at least 8-10 cups each day please).  In need of some inspo to spruce up your daily deskside H20? We got you gang!

Hellish hangovers

Headache. Nausea. Dizziness. Hangxiety. Why is it that hangovers seem to get worse and worse as we get older? When we’re bright young things our organs (especially our livers) are more forgiving of the hell we put them through. But as we age, they start to protest. They join unions. They’re ready to call it quits. 

Simply cutting back on alcohol is one way to minimise a next-day hangover and look after your skin health too. So is eating a balanced, nutritious meal before you start drinking. Oh, and always make sure you’re swapping out every second drink for water (the superior liquid). Your future self and skin will thank ya.

Random aches and pains

Do you find yourself groaning when you get up from the couch nowadays? Does it feel like your knees are going to give out when you squat? SAME. Sure, our bodies are getting older but also, is your diet making it worse? Because it could be. 

If you’re not getting a balanced diet – packed with all the fruits and veg you need – then your body might be experiencing some inflammation, which in turn is causing you a bit of pain. The answer? Switch up your diet. Focus on eating the rainbow. Get in your good fats and your whole grains. Max out on nutrients and minerals and all the good stuff your guts need to function properly.

The long-term effects of eating a balanced healthy are also wildly great, helping you live longer, reducing the risk of developing diseases like cancer and keeping your ability to live an active lifestyle high.

In other words, your body (and energy levels) will thank you for eating better.

If, after reading this, you feel ready to make some changes in your life visit Queensland Health’s Dump the Junk website for tips and info to help get you started.