1 In 10 Young Aussies Don’t Know How Many Kidneys They Have & Sorry, What

Quick question: how good a handle do you have on your personal anatomy? 
You’re fairly sure how many arms, legs, fingers and toes you have, yeah? Pretty much across the standard number of lungs, stomachs and hearts that should be in the human body also, right?
Okay, smart guy: how many kidneys do you have?
Hey now, if you’re struggling to land on a number, don’t beat yourself up – according to a study by Amcal Pharmacy, one in ten Australians aged 18-24 have “no idea how many kidneys the average person has“.
MATES. Healthy Harold did not die and rise again so we could ignore his trailer-given gospel. 
The average human body has TWO KIDNEYS. TWO. Not one, unless you’ve had a run-in with some over-friendly Russians and woken up in a bathtub full of ice.
Definitely not, as one 23-year-old respondent told researchers, three
close enough
If we’re so astonishingly wide of the mark about the most basic kidney facts (once again: most of us have got two of ’em), how can we possibly be keeping them in good nick? 
Unsurprisingly, Amcal Pharmacy’s study isn’t just designed to draw attention to our generation’s appalling anatomy retention. It’s currently Kidney Health Week, which is important because one in three Aussie adults are at risk of chronic kidney disease, and less than 10% of people who do have the condition are even aware of it. 
The moral of the story? One, and I just cannot stress this enough, there are two kidneys in the standard-issue human body. And two, for god’s sake pay attention to the stuff that your kidneys do. 
just fyi this is where they are
Symptoms of kidney disease include unexplained changes to your urine, pain in the kidney area and blood in the urine. If you’re copping any of these, please go see your doctor. 
You can check if their human anatomy poster has the correct number of renal organs while you’re at it.

Image: Charlie The Unicorn.