4 Ways To Convince Your Boss You’re Ready For The Pay Rise Your Wallet Sorely Deserves
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Navigating a pay rise can be tricky. Unless you’ve got next-level confidence and zero fear of the word ‘no’, then approaching your boss or seniors about the topic probably seems like a mammoth task. But alas, it is an integral and unavoidable element of any job you’re looking to stay at long-term.

4 Ways To Convince Your Boss You’re Ready For The Pay Rise Your Wallet Sorely Deserves

If you see yourself dedicating your time and growth to a company long-term, feel as though you go above and beyond in your role or have taken on way more responsibility than you initially did, you’re well within your rights to seek out a pay rise.

At the end of the day, and like most things in your career, it’s all about being gracious, good-mannered and reasonable. Easy, right? Here are a few tips to help you back yourself and get more for your grind in 2021.

Suck it up & have the conversation with your boss

This one is definitely blunt. If you don’t make boss or manager aware that you’re looking to move on up in the biz or expand in your role (therefore copping a new contract and a pay rise), they’re not going to read your mind. It’s important to have the conversation for them to help and guide you on the path that’ll best lead to seniors / higher-ups recognising you are 100% worthy of getting paid more. Without their guidance, you could end up dedicating your energy to things that might not matter in the grand scheme of the business. In short, they’ll be able to give you the clear directives you need to ensure you’re working towards the right goals.

When you do have the convo, it’s important you’re extremely realistic. If you’re finishing up your first year in an entry-level position, don’t go and ask for a six-figure rise. Dream big, but not that big. Choosing the right time to have the conversation is important as well – don’t do it in the middle of lunch, another meeting or in front of other colleagues. Try and bring it up during a performance review, or a catch up of that sort when you know your boss has time for you.

4 Ways To Convince Your Boss You’re Ready For The Pay Rise Your Wallet Sorely Deserves

Upskill to show you’re dedicated to growth

There’s no better way to showcase you’re ready for more responsibility than by doing your own learning. Seriously, going above and beyond to develop your skills is a tell-all that you’re interested in growth and long-term dedication to your role or industry. If you’re building your skillset, you’ll be able to take on more responsibility and leadership (because of your immense know-how) which could put you in a primo position for more cash.

Luckily for us, there are tonnes of places to upskill. Take Open Universities Australia, for example – their website makes it easy to explore and enrol in thousands of online courses from leading Australian universities. They have a course matching tool that’ll help you quickly find and choose which study options suit your goals, from short courses to postgraduate degrees, so you can tailor your learning to exactly what your role requires. Plus, all the courses have flexible delivery, letting you study without taking time off work. 

In short, if you can offer more to a business, you’re more of an asset and are more likely to be considered for a pay rise.

4 Ways To Convince Your Boss You’re Ready For The Pay Rise Your Wallet Sorely Deserves

Show initiative within your role

I know there are many factors that can impact this, but showing initiative in your role is a great way to catch the attention of higher-ups who might have some salary-cash to burn. It sounds primary school-esque, but doing things without being asked to do them is a sure-fire way to impress. Offering others help when they’re stuck and flexing your expertise is also a great way to showcase that you’re ready for a pay rise. Ultimately, you’ll prove that you’re dedicated to the business at large, so get involved with staff initiatives and get your face out there for the wider team to see.

4 Ways To Convince Your Boss You’re Ready For The Pay Rise Your Wallet Sorely Deserves

Get feedback from your peers

Sometimes we don’t recognise where we’re falling short, and our managers who only get a brief rundown of how we’re doing weekly / monthly might not see it either. The people you work with daily probably have a better idea of where you might be struggling or need an extra bit of effort. And that’s totally fine – it’s how you take the feedback that’s important. Ask others you respect in your workplace (who may have even been in your position once) for advice and you might find they’ve got some pearls of wisdom to share. You’ll also feel more supported when others know you’re hustling towards something big.

At the end of the day, working without a clear goal or reward in sight can feel a little thankless. It’s important to check in with yourself and ensure you’re happy with the stuff you’re working towards and ask for help where it’s needed to get you on the right path in your career.

4 Ways To Convince Your Boss You’re Ready For The Pay Rise Your Wallet Sorely Deserves

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