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Unfortunately, job searching is one of those inevitable things most of us will have to encounter at some point or another. It can be tedious, difficult and can leave us questioning our future options. Dealing with rejection is also a huge part of it all, which can add to the whole ordeal’s stress.

Since it is a taxing experience, it’s so important to try and remain positive and keep your mental health in check while going through it all – so here are a few things to keep in mind.

Your job doesn’t determine your worth

The idea that our salary, job status and career determine our worth is unfortunately ingrained in us from day-dot. It can be so hard to shake when we’re constantly bombarded with LinkedIn notifications of our mate’s 17th promotion in a year, insufferable IG bragging from your cousin who owns a startup and the general vibe of hustle culture that’s become so prominent recently.

Remember, career paths aren’t meant to be this straight and narrow thing met with nothing but success and progression. They’re a journey that can take years to figure out, and anyone else who says otherwise is definitely lying. Comparison is a cruel killer, so go easy on yourself and remember to take a step back for a breather if the pressure is bogging you down.

Getting a new job can take a while

It’s estimated that if you’re job searching, it’ll likely take you somewhere between two to six months to land a new gig. After 2020 saw so many industries take a hit with the pandemic’s onset, the job landscape has inevitably become a little more uncertain and competitive. It’s not a personal thing if you do not hear back from every job you apply for.

Your skills, ambitions and experience are all there. It could be that the HR department of whatever company you’re applying to join can’t organise themselves, they’ve hired internally, or a myriad of other reasons that have nothing to do with your skillset.

Suss out whether your resume is complete

Getting into the groove of applying for jobs can be a little monotonous and mechanical. It can be so mechanical that we can forget to check we’ve properly hit all the essentials required when filling out ads and applications. Make a checklist before you hit ‘send’ on any application, and you’ll save the stress of waking up in the middle of the night, remembering you forgot to include your mobile number on your resume.

Have you filled out your correct contact details? Have you changed the name of the company you’re applying for in your cover letter? Have you remembered to breathe? There are plenty more check-ins you could add too, but you get the picture.

On the plus side, there are so many resources available on how to nail a resume, cover letter and even a portfolio, too, if you need an extra push to zhuzh those up too.

There is help available

Job searching can be alienating. It can feel like no one else understands what it’s like to experience rejection and the cyclical process of applying with no luck. It can be a patience-testing and trying experience – it is hard, but you will be richer in wisdom and confidence in yourself once the process is over.

If you are starting to notice just how much it is impacting you, there is help available. There is no shame in reaching out to someone you trust to talk about the situation and ask for advice. Whether it’s an older friend, a uni tute, a family member, sharing what you’re feeling with someone who will support you through the process is essential. If you feel like you need further help, Kids Helpline is always available to provide support on whatever you’re after too. Remember – it’s not the end of the world, you belong somewhere and there’s absolutely a job out there for you. Stay patient, and keep at it.

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