I Can’t Stop Sobbing Happy Tears Over This TikToker Who Rescued A Scared, Abandoned Pup

Who doesn’t love a cathartic cry? Well tune in kids, I’ve got the perfect heartwarming sob-inducing story coming your way. It involves an abandoned puppy, TikTok and the goodness of humanity.

It all started when a little pup dubbed “Sissy” was spotted wandering aimlessly through some back roads in Texas. Every time someone would attempt to approach the hungry-looking puppy, it would run away. The locals tried leaving out food, hoping they’d coax her over but nothing worked.

That is until animal lover Kelly Williams stepped in.

Kelly is the founder of Kelaroo’s Ruff Ranch, a rescue sanctuary for abused and abandoned dogs and when she heard about little Sissy, she knew she could help.

Kelly and her team found the pup and used a trap to get her to safety, documenting their rescue journey on TikTok. But what really captured the hearts of the masses was when Kelly posted a TikTok of her cuddling up to Sissy.

Just look at that tail go!

“Less than 24 hours ago we had to set a trap to catch this terrified dumped puppy,” she wrote in the video.

“She is hanging on so tightly which means she sees us as her safe place now and not a threat.”

You can watch the gorgeous video — which has amassed 3.9 million views at the time of writing — below.

In even better news, six-month-old Sissy has only gone from strength to strength since getting a taste of much-needed loving at Kellaroo’s Ruff Ranch.

Instead of being a timid little thing, she’s come out of her shell and now spends her days playing with toys and other dogs. And the best news? Kelly is adopting her so she gets to stay at the ranch for good!

God, isn’t it just the sweetest story?

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a few happy tears along with me.