It goes without saying that songs making waves in the last year-or-so are more likely to crack the Hottest 100 of the Decade than songs that are now considered ancient in banger years.

Excluding, of course, your mammoth hits that are still getting flogged to death on commercial radio (yoohoo Gotye‘s Somebody That I Used To Know), I’d be willing to deepthroat my own Dick Smith voucher if a moderate 2011 hit, like Boy & Bear‘s Part Time Believer, actually made the cut.

That begs the question: which new(ish) artists with releases in the last couple of years may just have a chance to make the Hottest 100 of the Decade?


She may have dominated the 2019 Hottest 100, but BENEE is still considered a newcomer.

After her most recent hit, Supalonely, that has frankly been the only song I’ve played for the past three weeks, I’d wager that the young muso will have a song-or-two crack the triple j decade-long list.

G Flip

I’m unsure whether to feel comforted or just straight-up alarmed that G Flip‘s tune, Drink Too Much, was so relatable.

Thankfully for my own self-preservation, it seemed to resonate with a bloody good chunk of Australia, too, as it charted at #6 on last year’s Hottest 100.

Mark my words: G Flip’s name will pop up somewhere on the list.


I know that E^ST technically released a single in 2014, but I’d argue that the singer-songwriter only popped up on the masses’ radar a hot sec ago.

Sure, there’s a chance that her songs, particularly Talk Deep, have made a big enough impact to land a spot on the list but my waters are telling me that naysayers are wrong.

Gotta love an underdog story.


KIAN‘s most well-known song, Waiting, cracked the American market.

Case closed.


Skegss have had a cult Aussie following for a while now, so I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if the garage-rock trio took home a position.

Wild card guess: they’ll land within the Top 70.

Second wild card guess: everyone will drag me after they don’t make the Top 70.


I’m Good is one of those bangers that will be bouncing around cafe walls for years, nay, decades to come.

The radio-friendly gem from WAFIA has the makings of a classic, and even if it was featured on a Hottest 100 from seven years ago, I’d still include the Brisbane-based muso on this list.

Nothing appeals to the masses more than a song about being empowered after a break-up. As we now know, people in real-life have never truly moved on after a break-up, so they rely on tunes spouting all of those self-love messages to pretend they’re doing fine.

I know your game, sad exes. I know it far too well.

Image: Instagram / @beneemusic