If I had a dollar for every time I couldn’t go to a gig because I was skint, realistically I’d have enough to buy binoculars to spy over the fence at the next gig I also can’t afford.

Yes, it can be tricky to balance your money so that you can afford both food and live tunes, but for the financially crippled out there, we have a little treat for you.

Just by filling out a lightning-fast survey about all things music/festivals/gigs/favourite grog, you could cop 1 of 3 GiggedIn vouchers worth $100.

WIN: We’re Slinging $100 Gig Vouchers To Help You Power Through That Music Bucket List
Idk what’s happening but I want in

If you’re unfamiliar with GiggedIn, it’s essentially your one-stop shop for gigs around Oz. They’re usually cheap-as-chips too, so you can get serious bang for your buck with 100 bucks.

As a taster, here are just a few of the gigs that were/are on offer:

  • Yours & Owls Fest
  • FOMO Fest 2020
  • L-Fresh The Lion
  • City Calm Down
  • The Jungle Giants
  • DZ Deathrays
  • Holy Holy
  • Dominic Fike

I could go on but it’s a pretty extensive list. Check out what’s available HERE.

There’s also opportunities to get tickets to gigs you originally thought were sold out which, as a criminally last-minute sorta guy, gives me a great deal of comfort.

T&Cs apply.

Image: iStock / SolStock