PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Jack Daniel's to get around Australia's best new musos.

The resurrection of the Espy was the best thing to happen to Melbourne since…well, since the Espy opened the first time.

The iconic venue has been a breeding ground for fresh new artists for years, so, Jack Daniel’s and PEDESTRIAN.TV thought we’d keep the tradition alive and throw our own gig with up-and-coming musos we’ve really been digging.


We’ll be giving away 150 double passes all up, so, without making empty promises, your chances of scoring a spot are significantly better than most ballots you enter (not to mention those ballots still make you pay even if you do manage to get through).

The gig kicks off at 6pm on Nov 14, and you can feast your eyes on the line-up below:

Eagle Eye Jones
Groove City

If you’ve been stuck in the Top 40 vortex for a while now, take a listen to a couple of their bangers and don’t come crying to me when you realise you’ve abused your ears for years by listening to the same six songs on loop.


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THANKS BRISBANE ???????????? @listenoutaus

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You might recognise these Sydney sisters from the recently-wrapped Listen Out fest, and I only say ‘might’ because if you don’t recognise them, you were obviously off behind a tree taking a slash. Or, perhaps you just didn’t go to Listen Out.

That’s it. Those are the only two reasons you wouldn’t know who Kinder are just yet.

Groove City

To get an idea of what sorta tunes Groove City produce, let me quote a moving excerpt from their FB bio: “Does what it says on the tin.”

Powerful stuff. But also yes, if you’re keen to feel seven different levels of sexual, chuck ’em a listen.

Eagle Eye Jones

The fact that Eagle Eye Jones have only been playing on stage for two years and they’re already supporting Lime fucking Cordiale blows my tiny little mind.

People would kill to make that much progress in a coupla years, so that’s a testament to the material Eagle Eye Jones are putting out.


Ooft, now I know Handsome has some absolute rippers up her sleeve, but I have not been able to get past Delete You.

No, genuinely, I unlike it and like it again on Spotify just so it remains at the top of my ‘Liked Songs’ playlist. It’s that good.

Obviously check out her entire catalogue though, I’m just having a bit of a moment.

The entire gig is in support of our PEDESTRIAN.TV X Jack Daniel’s Gigs, celebrating emerging music talent in Australia – so chuck ’em a follow, a stream or just enter the comp to try and score tix to the gig.

Now, gather your mates and make sure you’re not doing anything on November 14.

Image: Instagram / @hotelesplanadestkilda