Unfortunate news for all the boogie fiends and groovers across regional Australia, Groovin The Moo festival has announced today it won’t be holding its annual tour in 2021, meaning the regional whip around the country has been canned for two years running. But it’s not all sad stuff from the Groovin team, however, because in the next breath, they revealed a new series of concerts out of the city – Fresh Produce.

Details for anyone wanting to cop a refund on their Groovin tickets are available on the website, but the festival’s team is urging anyone who can hang onto their pass to do so, because it’ll help the Groovin fam bring back the festival bigger and better in 2022 – fingers crossed.

Though Groovin’The Moo has been put out into the back paddock for another year of grazing until things are healthy and safe again, the GTM Cattleyard team has sown the seeds for a series of concerts in spring, which will hopefully yield a strong harvest of performances from a string of yet-to-be-revealed artists.

The Fresh Produce concerts run from mid-August until the end of October and are planned to crop up in all the old Groovin haunts, as well as two new fertile grounds – Toowoomba in Queensland and Glenorchy down in Tasmania.

Fresh Produce will be an all-outdoor setup much like its bigger sibling, Groovin The Moo, but instead of multiple spots to catch acts, it’ll all be held on a single stage, which is great if you always find yourself with set clashes at the bigger fezzies. It’ll also have the capacity to be a seated event, and fit in with each state’s COVID-19 restrictions that are in play at the time.

As the name suggests, the concert series will focus in on fresh talent from around the traps in Australia, bringing a whole bountiful harvest of the newest crop of artists, bands, DJs, producers, and everything else under the blazing hot Australian sun. There’s nothing better than homegrown things, it’s just fact.

The whole thing is being partially funded by the Aus government’s Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) fund, which is investing a whopping $75 million into the Australian arts, which was unveiled back in August.

Look, it’s huge news for those of us just itching to get out of the city for a big boogie and watch some live music in the crisp springtime air, so we’ll keep you updated when we get more details about

Image: Supplied / Mackenzie Sweetnam